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This Ain't Mah First Rodeo

The next of the new mane 6 series I'm doing to refresh my print line-up. Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie comprised the first batch, with Twi & AJ, out now, plus an upcoming Flutters making up the second batch. Unfortunately I won't be able to get Flutters ready by BronyCon, but I'd say 5 of the 6 for now, given how busy I've been.

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Nice work. How's things going?
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Thanks! I'm alright, I guess. Honestly, this year has just kept kicking me while I've been down, and I'm barely holding it together, but holding it together nonetheless...
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I understand what you mean. Work is tiring me out to the point where it's physically doing harm and seems to be more things cropping up here and there.
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Yeah, for me it's been school that's been eating at me, but much the same boat otherwise...
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Yeah. I would like to just have a week off so I can just sit back and work on my own personal stuff.
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Yeah, that'd be nice for either of us, I'm sure. Maybe I'll get the chance once my holiday break rolls around.
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I got to wait until after.
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Y'all got that right!
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Whoa! Thats awesome!
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You're welcome. 
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wow, this is flippin awesome all around. So intense and atmospheric, well doneClap Clap 
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Thanks! Glad you like it!
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Really wonderful. The pose for Applejack is really done for her & I love the shading with on her tail to give the depth & overall to enhance the perspective with it. The background is really a cool thing as you have these desert looking textures & to fit the rodeo ideal setting with it. Love thisssssss!
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Thanks again! Glad you think the background works well and all!
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