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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - The Beatles
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Good Job, this is wonderful! :)
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Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly. A girl with kaleidoscope eyes! :)
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Used as a cover photo on my Facebook.…
 Linked it to your page on here 
Wonderful art!
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Oh, this is so lovely. This'll be what I think of every time I listen to this song, now.
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Beautifull, I love the style, anyways XD
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Hi there. I'd love to use this image on my blog ([link]) for a new article I just wrote. Would that be OK if I link back to your site? Many thanks!
Wow! I want to hire you

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Hire me haha?
Thank You for the "wow"!

Best wishes
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This is perfection.
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Glad that You like it :)
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itl be sooo awsome if it was in a mosaic...but this is really really good,..well done
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Thank You very much! :)
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Now I need some money to buy a print...
Beautiful. Great interpretation. I want to be a little kid standing down there under that huge minaret looking up at this grand mardi gras with the star of the show as Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Very talented. Great work!!!
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Thank You very much!
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love the song and love the painting
what do you thing the song started from, a childs drawing or LSD?
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My idea is that it started out as a child's drawing, but the drug influence is there. It just wasn't what the song was about.
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its mainly about wonderful imagination either way they are very cool, though their is one factor that colides with them, the girl with colydescope eyes
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