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No Eclipse

:peace: Out With The Old -Emoticon-

there are so many things why I personally don't like it ... but the main thing is: it's to unstable (it simply crashes if you want to surf faster) and too slow ... if you want to surf through the complete gallery of someone who has a big gallery, you simply won't get it to the end - and that's simply not fair (and yes, that means your gallery will also not be  seen to the end if you have a bigger one)

and than, it's a unfair b... if you have a newer account you simply won't ever see the good old DA because you don't have this magic button to switch  #KeepWithLove by Katforce
so I tend to say: that's not fair


let it be heard ! 3 days of protest 1 - 2 - 3   May

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getting used to the new format. But artwork doesn't get even half the views it used to

Sad Woot Plz
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:nod: yea, that's also the feeling I have ...

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What do you reckon? Will DA recover enough to be what it once was?

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... hard to say, but maybe in a year - I hope - it will be comparable with tho old one ... however, it will never be the same again

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I don't think the DA staff is going to listen to us

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yeahh, I also don't think so ...

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just rapidly, there are only a few days left
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Hell yes. If DA ain't broke, don't fix it. :(

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there is a wisdom that doesn't come from the English area, even if it spoken in in English, it says: never touch a running system
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My main complaint: when I upload a deviation and want to add it to a group a dialogue box comes up. I can then choose from a short list, or type in a letter and a list comes of groups with that letter comes up or I can simply type in the name of the group. Not in Eclipse. I have to go to to the group, then to the folder. Not easy since I have dial-up (well, it's not dial-up but it's AT&T, which is like dial-up). More and more people are either leaving or not spending nearly as much time on here (like me) which means more dead groups which means more people leaving or not spending nearly as much time on here. All this to fix something that's not broken.
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yes, I really support your meaning ...
I mean, I don't have the latest high end computer, it's not bad ... but even for me it's clear how much slower that eclipse is
and that without a dial-up
usually when something it's updated it is supposed to work better than the older version ... or even look better
that's here not the case
I guess their main strategy is THE NEW
therefor the newcomers have never seen the old DA so they don't miss anything and are happy, so "let the old one go, we don't need 'em there are enough newbies coming"
... so what shell I say, when not even a petition helps
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I actually decided to move a majority of my stuff offsite. I believe the best way to oppose a redesign is by hosting a website with our own design.

It's a great way to consolidate views, too.

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... yea, sounds great, but you also have to get visitors and watchers, that doesn't happen automatically ...
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An excellent point. That also requires me to make a site that's aesthetically pleasing. I welcome your feedback anytime. I could use it.

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I've been trying to adapt but I hate eclipse on a very fundamental and emotional level. Indeed it is very hard for me to express my dislike at its design and functionality. It appears to lack both! It is a triumph of Concept over Form and Function! Much like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson's handling of the Corona Virus Pandemic...

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I Completely agree with you Eclipse is such a Complicated, Confusing Nightmare. 
As for Donald Trump and Boris Johnson i also Completely agree with you. Like you I live in the UK . The second highest Death Rate in the World from this Horrible Coronavirus. We should have gone into Lockdown Earlier. I wish Jacinda Ardern the wonderful Prime Minister of New Zealand had been our Prime Minister.  Thousands of Lives would have been saved. Even Angela Merkel of Germany which has far fewer Deaths than  the UK.
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... it's really hateful ... there's nothing that got better with this update
... it should be named "downdate"
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I really hate the eclipse version... Sorry if I haven't commented on your post cause I was way too busy at home...

So speaking of the eclipse version, I tried that out & everything seems too hard to understand, or what to do... there was that time I could"t post any status & other stuff...
I really love the old version of DeviantArt better, since it is way more easier to use.

Eclipse version is such a pain.
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.... sometimes I think it would be good to have an additional work in the vocabulary: "downdate"
that's how eclipse could be described
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I agree and DA will lose many members if they go forward with this mess! #noeclipsedeviantart 
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yes, it's already in the thick of it ...
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