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I'm opening commissisons like the above for $25 each!
or $20 for two/ couples

Full samples in my Gallery. 
Comment or note me if interested!

I take payment by paypal only and take payment after the commissions complete.

Thanks for looking <3 <3 <3.
Wish I could do more but, weekends over!
I've spent half of Christmas asleep and the other half eating so I guess that makes a good one? 8D

but yes, I'm bored and uninspired

These are just gonna be bust sketches
so throw refs at me if you want one ^^.

I'll do as many as I can…


Opening with these because they’re hella fun to do and a lil different from what I usually offer.

Starting prices for these are $15 and include one character in whatever background.

You want a dominant colour? Just ask!

I work to A4 size digitally, if you want the size altered slightly/ sayy for a desktop background for example, then let me know!

Otherwise pieces will be given at 707 x1000px

If interested, note me! :D *rolls away*

Will do: fanart, male, female, mild anthro, partial nudity,

Wont do: full anthro, animals, full nudity @___@;

Signal Boosts majorly appreciated! (Money is TIGHT) ><

Ehh, other than the game work, practice, practice, practicinggggg.
all the way >__>

so hopefully you'll see some improvement at some point? idk lets see how it goes.
By offering free requests! 8D 

But yes, I'll do as many as I can in whichever style I wish, its a grab bag. so throw me dem refs  go go gooo.

Heyyyy sorry for being so quiet for so long Uni works been killing me, but I literally got a month left and its all over 8D *confetti*

Also, incase you didnt notice I'm entering the Pokemon Dream Labs Tourny. 
I'm pretty psyched about this one but we'll see how it goesss 8D.

I'll start on a high,
Happy 2013 Everybody!!!! 8D

Now for the bad news. UNI
the end
It's a good course and I'm having a good time but the workload is ridiculous BI.
I gotta write 15k words per semester. Along with practical projects, all at the same time.
MA's are insane @____@.
So in short, any plans for any projects not uni related or that wont earn me money have been all but dashed ;n;. For the rest of the year.

Anywho, that means I wont be able to do any side projects I was planning on/ thinking about. *corner*.
Anywho, how is everyone? I dont think I've asked that here in ages :O.
I am writing to ask if anybody would be interested in doing a collaboration with me.
I need a strong story, not necessarily complete, but bulky enough/ well written enough to work with. For a project I intend to work on over Christmas (mid december- mid jan).

Despite me asking for a bulky story, I'll only be working with a small snippet/ snippets of it.

There's a few things to point out.
This WILL be a lot of work, so I will be very picky with the story at hand.
No unfinished characters please, I'm not designing your characters/ building your story for you (you wouldn't want me to 8D).
As this will be part of my portfolio, I intend to send this to various companies that deal will illustration. As this will not be a story of my own I would like to place your name within the comments. *doesn't have to be your real name for the internet, but I may ask of it if I do start sending it to companies in January.
Please note that I'm not necessarily asking for a completed story, It's my idea I'm selling to them, if they bear interest in your story, it will be between you and them.
I'm hoping to send this to companies worldwide to get general feedback *shot*.

If interested, please note me with a link to your selected story. The selected author will get the full brief *sorry orz*

I most likely wont make up my mind until the end of November, which is why I'm writing this so early, so I have time to read these.

A few rules:
No fan stories please, I want this to be completely your own story/ cast.
A story with a fantasy edge will have a slight advantage *murdered*
Stories that revolve around smut will have a major disadvantage ><.
There must be at least one strongly visually developed character! I'm not asking you to draw them, just a very good description.

PS: despite me calling this a collaboration, you wont really have to do anything other than let me work with your story 8'D.

PS2: I am in no way an experienced writer, so pleaseeeee don't be offended/ discouraged/ take it to heart if your story isn't selected.

Thanks for reading ^^.

Please comment with any questions you may have, and note me with stories \ouo/.
I just wanted a new journal,

feel free to ignore orz.
Haiii, so I've got pretty much nothing on that list done 8D.
I've started up commissions again so I'll be finally posting stuff again :D.
I've posted most stuff on my tumblr as of late

Commissions are available again!!! Will update with more info soon.
As for the question, would you guys want to watch a livestream of me *attempting* to draw?
I'd probably be working on something to stop it being so random, but I'm extremely shy so you'd have to stop me from running away @__@'.

*buries self in work...and pillows*
Men in shirts and ties (group..ugh)
background studies
clothing studies
more lighting and shapes

Just a little list of things I want to draw/ work on ;n;
The first one is just one I've wanted to draw for ages but never plucked up the courage to even try.
You're trying I see ^^.

But you will never please everybody.

However, this owl has a solution (did you not know I'm an owl? 8D).

See the daily deviations?

Give the option to have the daily deviations as the front page, as well as the popular and newest section.

Just expand the amount you choose. Perhaps for different uh.. art types *lost words*

I thoroughly enjoy it. As it introduces me to some nice new artists to follow that I may have otherwise never known about, regardless of system. And is monitored in a way which I find quite clever. And if you go onto these artists pages, you are exposed to more and more artists circles <3.

All the complainers over the years have wanted... is some variation yes?

And it was right there…hiding ^^.

The channels system is OKAY- sorta, but it still feels somewhat hidden…at the bottom there…

The popular section did get pretty predictable, but many people like it that way so I think its unfair to cut it down entirely.

We are in the end a community :)
So sorry for the inactiveness on here ;n;. I've been throwing myself between different sites, communities but have ended up lurking/ being inactive in all of them *murdered*.

Thank you so much for all the faves/ comments/ watches. Each and every one means the world to me, and some day I'll figure out a way to thank you all *shot for being a sob*. I've had a lot over a short period of time and hope to continue impressing you :'D.

I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately, working a regular day job has made me realise more than ever that art to me isn't some hobby its my life and even if I spend the rest of my days poor I'll never be truly happy without establishing myself as an artist of sorts.

So... lets strengths lie within narrative field. I express myself through the genre of fantasy, putting my own twists on fables/ morals/ emotions. My imagination is never-ending. I started writing stuff down as they come to mind. I have that much going on its like rush hour traffic. Many styles/ stories all colliding into each other spawning something new each time. At times they race by too quickly for me to even take note of whats even happening but I know they're there. They manifest themselves at paint strokes/ shapes...usually vivid colours high contrasts abstract backgrounds.
Sometimes, I wish my imagination would slow down a little, I love each and every idea I come up with, but time doesn't allow for me to explore them all. And when I'm working on something usually another idea tries to interfere B[...and succeeds.

My fears? No one liking the direction I'm going in D'X. I've pitched ideas before irl and have been told I'm quite unique...which makes me happy but scares me like hell at the same time ;n;.

See certain circles look for different things/ but the masses tend to approach whats familiar.

I want to be different...but I want to be known...ish...  And the two tend not to go together well...

End result? I'm going to draw inspiration for the many ideas I've been ignoring for a time. So my art may get a little weird in this transition....though been as the majority of my gallery have been commissions it wont make a difference other than some sort of order.

this journals getting too long and I'm not sure anyone will read but yeah.. just wanted to get this out.
ILU allll <333
*sprinkles snow everywhere*

Its warm over here so we got no snow..*corner*
Just wanted a new journal on my page *shot* 8D
How is everyone? :D
strikes again

I had an art trade with someone....and forgot who it was with ;A;.

what would you like to see more of from me?
Darker stuff
lighter stuff
comics- (noooooo ;A:)
animation? (NOOOOOOOOO ;A; *still scarred and I'm lazy)
tutorial? (hurrrrrrrrrrrrrimpossible)
fanart? (nooooooooo ;A:)
non human?
lined work? *headdesk*

Anything you can thing of ;3;
Not so heavy on the rp though...
Those groups tend not to do so well.

I'm not necessarily looking for a competition really. Just a group project....I'd start one myself but...... *hides* my ideas are silly and I'm not well known 8'D.
Magpie made it into the Myriad Path Group!!!! 8DDDD *parties*. Which is great because he's one of the only OC's I keep getting ideas for recently.  I hope he does well...though I even have plans if he doesnt x'D. (looks at other competitors......).....this ...will be interesting to say the least.
On another note. I ate too much cake and the sugar from its making me want to sleep.  Which is bad because I'm at work... ._. *kicks self*.

To do list.
TM commisions (2 headshots...OTL)
Cut the TM slots down to 1 per week
Finish that wip you started late last night...or at least continue it.
Get working on OC character sheets (><)
Work on character interaction.
Get some sleep.
Get some more sleep.
procrastinate less (HA)
Save up for DA Subscription (HA)
...I think there was an art trade I needed to work on...*look into that =='*

I CANT PORTRAY LOVE ><.  I cant even pretend to draw characters in love it just turns out awkward.
Its the one thing I run into a brick wall with, hence why my characters tend to be..well alone ..until now... but I struggle badly with
creating genuine couples or portraying that emotion at all =='. I struggle with even drawing more than one character in a piece.
Anyone else run into brick walls with things like that? D:
This is why I havent continued with my 100 themes challenge.. the second is love and I dont want to skip it... but .....I CANT DO IT >< *headdesk*

And worse... how are you supposed to even LEARN to draw an emotion?! Especially something as complex as love =='.