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Content warnings: Depression/dark tones, implied SH in the past, nothing too graphic, but still worth having the warnings so nobody goes into this unprepared.

Maven gave a soft sigh as he sorted through the boxes in his attic. These had been here since he moved in, most of it stuff from his friends and family in an attempt to help, but in the end they all wound up in this dusty mess for him to have to clean up and get rid of now, years after the fact. He wiped the dust off of one box with a soft cloth that was supposed to help with a new hobby, then his golden hues blinked a few times as he read the words on it. They were faded and scraped up, but it definitely stated "Cloverse Official Pillowing Inside." He vaguely remembered something about this, pillowings being a well known and well liked substitute to a real animal. Great for homes that didn't allow it, or... Well, in his case, a home where he was liable to forget to feed another living creature. After all, if he couldn't remember to eat some days, what was to say he'd be on top of keeping a helpless creature fed?

The feline shook his head, trying to not think too hard about it. He was doing better, trying to improve, so there was no point in lingering on the things he didn't trust himself with. No, instead... He pried off the soft gel cap from one of his claws, so that he could use it to cut through the tape, then put it back over the claw. He opened the box, and sitting in a pile of fabric was what used to be a soft pink floral pillowing. Maven carefully scooped them up and shook the material out, half expecting some sort of reaction, but at this point, it wasn't even stuffed.

"Really?" he asked, the colors having faded from being stored away for so long, no care shown to it at all. There were a couple of holes in the material, probably from mice or moths or something. The ribbon looked fragile, but still retained a nice luster, somehow. Carefully, he held the canine in his paws and looked down at the box to see if there was anything else inside. It looked like there was a bag of stuffing, which he was sure wouldn't be any good anymore, and a letter. Well, time to figure out what was what, he figured, putting the pillowing back into the box, then picking it all up and heading down the rickety old ladder.

Once back on the actual floor in his home, Maven took a deep breath of fresh air, glad to be away from the dust and cobwebs for a little bit. Even if he knew he had more to sort through in order to figure out what to save, throw out, or donate. He could get back to work on that tomorrow. For now, he wanted to see how to fix and revive this creature that he had found, since maybe that would help chase away the loneliness that he felt in this far too quiet home. Sometimes his own thoughts were too loud and too intrusive for his tastes, so this was definitely something that should help, if it still worked.

Sitting down in his living room, he dug for the letter once more, then peeled it open. The adhesive that once sealed it was so weak that it wasn't even like a weak sticker anymore. He worked the sheet of paper out and opened it up to look over the instructions. First was to find an object, one that didn't naturally expire in some form, that held strong emotional importance to him. This item would be what was called the heart token, and was the actual source of magic to bring his plush friend to life. That set of instructions were odd, and he had to think for a moment, but finally something came to mind that he could use! He quickly scrambled to his paws and darted into the other room, rummaging around until he got to the box hidden under his bed. Pictures were brushed aside, a trinket box carefully put back in its place, and then he finally grabbed it. It was a plain brown envelope with a sheet of paper that used to be completely white. He carefully pulled the sheet out of its covering and opened it up, looking at the number of ink smudges all around the edges.

It was a somber reminder of his rougher days, when he had wanted to put his words on paper and seal it away so that he would be able to find it again later and be able to remember that he made it through. However, whenever he had picked it up to start writing, his mind always went blank. He could never remember what he wanted to say, so after fussing with the paper for a bit, it always wound up back in the envelope with no new words on it at all. Over the years, it had gained imprints around the edges from the ink that would sometimes spill, and creases from being folded and unfolded so many times, but it was a reminder that he could never form the words on why things were so difficult for him. Why some mornings were so hard to get up and just get out of bed. Words can't explain the struggle that someone goes through during their darkest times, and trying to find them just reveals how hard that truly is.

With the heart token decided, he tucked the sheet of paper back into its home, and carefully got back to his feet to return to the Cloverse box. Sitting down, he read the instructions some more. Once a heart token was decided on, it was to be set aside for the moment. The first step was to stuff the companion to desired firmness. Maven looked at the stuffing, then sighed. He would need to get some fresh stuffing for the poor pup, since there was no way he could feel happy with putting this dusty mess inside of a creature that was supposed to be his magical friend.

"Sorry, buddy. I'll be back in a bit," the feline apologized, then moved the box to sit up on the couch before he made his way to the door. On the hooks were his skull mask, which he promptly put on, and the keys to his car. Before he opened the door, he double-checked the bandages around his arms and tail, just to be comfortable that they would stay snug in place, then he made his way out and to the store.

It took over an hour, and three different stops, but when he returned home, Maven had an arm full of supplies. The stuffing that he went out to get, obviously. A bag that had some patches in it, since he wanted to fix what he could before adding the heart token. And a sewing kit, a handful of different thread and needle options, a couple of accessories that he thought might be useful, and some fresh ribbon that was as close to the original's color as he could find. He kicked the door closed, then made his way to the living room to put everything down before heading back to hang his mask and keys back up. With the supply run taken care of, he made his way back to the box and pulled the pillowing out to look at its form. It looked like the design used to have a floral set of patches on the right front leg, but they had mostly peeled away over the time in the attic. It didn't take much effort to peel them the rest of the way off and discard them since they were too weathered to be reused. It did make him glad that he got a few of the larger patches that still felt like it matched the theme, though.

He set to work stitching in the new patches, cursing a couple of times as he would prick his fingers more than he cared to admit, but he did finally get them in place, and it didn't look like he stained the fabric any. He retied the new ribbons in the same spots that the old ribbons used to be, and even replaced the ribbons holding the soft pompoms to what used to be the end of the tail. He sighed as he realized that there was more work to be done than he had originally realized, and after most of his day was spent offering repairs, it felt like it was finally time to see what his new companion was like. He stuffed the canine, making sure they had more than enough stuffing to support themself, but was also soft enough to be comfortable to snuggle up to. Little bags of beans were added to the padding paws, offering a bit of texture and weight so that the pup wouldn't be too unsteady, hopefully.

With everything prepared, he carefully placed the envelope with the blank note inside of their chest, then pulled the fancy ladder stitching tight to seal her up practically seamlessly. It was amazing what one could learn from online videos! With that in place, he waited for a long moment. The silence was deafening as he held his breath, the soft hum of electronics in the other rooms catching his ears. Aaaaand.... Nothing. Did he do something wrong? He reached for the instructions again, and read over them to see if he had missed a step, but no. He had done everything he was supposed to. Golden hues glanced back to the pile of plush, then Maven gave a sigh. Maybe it didn't have any magic left, since it had been in a box for so long. Well... That seemed like a problem to tackle after he fixed something to eat. After all, now that he was done, he realized he hadn't had a meal since he woke up, and he was famished. Opting for something quick and easy, he grabbed a cup of instant noodles, added water, and plopped it in the microwave to heat it up. When that was done, he grabbed a pair of chopsticks and made his way back to the living room to sit on the couch.

Lazily working on the meal, he picked up the instructions once more and flipped them over a few times, trying to see if there was a number to call for troubleshooting or... Well, whatever it would be called for support with magical goods. Customer Service, maybe? When there was no number, he just tossed the sheet of paper aside, leaned back and sighed, dropping his chopsticks into the styrofoam cup in defeat. What was he going to do now? He wasn't going to get rid of the floral pillowing, but with no number and no return label on the box itself, how was he supposed to get this to work?

After finally finishing off the noodles, he got up once more and went to the kitchen to clean up. When he returned once more, thinking about just calling it a night, he was caught off guard by the strangely strong floral scent that filled the room now. He knew that it didn't just smell like that! Weird, but looking around, he didn't immediately see the cause. The feeling of something brush against his leg, though, had the anthro cat jump and squeak in surprise, the feline finding himself up on the couch to get away from the sudden and unexpected feeling. It took a rather long moment before Maven realized just what was going on, as the plush fox looked confused as it tilted its head to the side, standard ears flopping slightly from the movement. It took a seat, finally looking up at him, and the cat gave a sigh as he finally dropped his paw from where it had been resting over his heart.

"You really can't be doing that to someone," he huffed, easing down from the couch and stepping back over to the magical creature. When he reached out towards it, he watched it recoil, clearly a bit intimidated by his recent over the top reaction. Well, now what? This was not a good way to start things off.

"Listen, I'm really sorry about that. I mean... The parts that made you are so old that I wasn't sure the magic would even take hold, and it certainly took you a while to wake up, so I wasn't expecting it," he explained, then dropped to sit down as he realized that his words probably sounded like it was blaming this creature rather than himself. "It's my bad, okay? I'm really glad that it worked, though. So, forgive me?" he barely finished the question before he was knocked back, his new friend quickly pinning him down to give friendly nuzzles. The cat found himself laughing as his paws tried to find a good place to push the hyper pillowing to the side, and once he did, he got back to his feet and stretched his arms over his head.

"It's kind of late, so let's not play tonight, okay?" he turned his gaze back to his new friend, one whom he needed to figure out a name for, now. And, now that he was thinking about it, it wasn't like he was prepared for any kind of pet. There was nowhere for it to sleep, no leash to keep it close by if they went on walks or anything, nothing. That was definitely something to take care of tomorrow, though. "Come along. You can sleep in the bed with me tonight. We'll pick up some supplies for you tomorrow." That seemed all the coaxing this plush canine needed as they quickly moved to follow him, matching his stride, into the bedroom.

Maven was surprised at how comfortable it was to share the bed with his new friend, as it had jumped up and stole the pillows in a heartbeat, but when he laid down, the short tail was immediately wrapped around his shoulder to coax him to use her body as a pillow. It was the perfect amount of stuffed to be supporting while still comfortable, and before he knew it, the floral scent and a radiating warmth had lulled him into the first night of genuinely restful sleep in a long while.

The feline gave a groan and moved to hide his face as he felt something brushing against it. Even with his eyes closed, he could tell that there was sunlight streaming through the window, though that rarely ever woke him up. The thing pushing against his cheek, on the other paw, was obnoxious, and he tried to bat it away a couple of times, only for it to persistently return. What in the world was going on here?! He finally snapped his eyes open, expecting to find a blanket too close to his face or something, but instead found himself nose to nose with the pillowing he had made last night. A startled squeak came from him, and a pleased squeak came from it, as it was apparently trying to make sure he got up at a reasonable time. 

"Oh, right, this is a thing," he chuckled to himself as he slipped out of bed and rummaged around for an outfit to wear for the day. Settling on a light long sleeved graphic tee and some ripped jeans, he made his way into the living room, only to pause in the door way. "Th' hell?" he couldn't help the words falling from his mouth. His home wasn't exactly the most clean, mainly because he just didn't have the energy to handle it most days, but stepping into the main room of his house felt like a completely different space all together. The cups that had been left around were gone, the cardboard from takeout meals were missing, pizza boxes just gone. His games stuff were actually put away and he could see the different containers easily. How long had he been asleep for?! A glance to the clock showed that it was a little after nine in the morning, so it hadn't been _that _long. So what happened here? As he was trying to figure it out, the pillowing came trotting past and into the kitchen, offering a yip to get his attention. Still a bit shocked over the transformation, the owner followed, only to be greeted with a cleaned kitchen table with a plate sitting on it. Frozen waffles had been toasted and were paired with a side of reheated bacon from the previous day's breakfast, even with a fork placed slightly close by. It wasn't the neatest placement, but it certainly looked like the work of a feral creature instead of another anthro.

"Did you do all this?" he finally asked, looking to the proud canine. It... No, she. This one was definitely a female, now that he looked at her. She had definitely gone out of her way to make sure that his day started off on a high note. "I... Thank you," he finally got out, only to have his companion headbutt him so that he'd go eat breakfast. He offered a laugh, amused by her personality already. Apparently someone had a good idea when they decided he needed a pillowing. Now he was wondering why it took so long for him to try bringing her to life.

After breakfast was finished, and the plate and fork left in the sink for later, the feline went back to the bag he had brought home yesterday. He dug around a bit to get the ribbon that he had used on his friend, and cut a long piece off to act as a leash for today. "Come on, girl. Let's go get you some things so that this house becomes your home, too," he stated, tying one end of the ribbon loosely to the ribbons she had around her neck already. He hoped that he'd be able to find accessories in her colors at the pet store but the only way to find out would be to see in person.

It was an easy trip to the store as the pillowing was content to sit in the passenger's seat of the car, just looking out the windows with wonder at the world around them. He didn't know if it was just that she hadn't seen it before, or if it had just been a while for her. Either way, she seemed content to stay put and not be a distraction, which was lovely. When they arrived, she hopped out of the vehicle and matched her owner's stride once more. She followed his lead without much of a prompt to do so, focused more on him than everything around them. Maven had picked up a basket, since he knew that he would need more than just a couple of things, but he didn't want to get a cart to push around. Partially because he didn't think he could afford quite that much stuff, and partially because he didn't know how he'd handle both a cart and keeping the pillowing on her leash by his side. Not that it should have been a problem, but he didn't know how she'd react to things just yet.

He made his way to the collars and leashes, first. Looking around, he finally found a natural brown set that looked good on her, so tossed those into the basket. With that handled... What next? Toys seemed logical, but after that, what would this pillowing need? Did she need special shampoos like a normal dog? Did she need a crate? Did they eat treats? So many unknowns that he was just realizing that he probably should have looked in to before coming here. Well, it was a bit late for that now. The feline gave a sigh, as he tried to figure out what he would actually pick up this trip. Toys and a bed for sure. But beyond that? Maybe everything else could wait until another day. With that decided, he stepped over to the toy aisle, only to freeze as he saw just how many different kinds of toys there were. It was overwhelming. Plush toys, would that be considered aggression against her own kind?, Squeaky latex toys that seemed like they'd get annoying pretty quickly, crinkle toys, rope toys, ball toys, treat toys... There were all kinds of different colors, shapes, designs, and purposes, and the aisle was absolutely FULL of them. Maven didn't realize that he had been holding his breath until he felt a light nudge on his leg. He looked down and his pillowing friend was looking up at him with her brows knitted together in concern. The feline took a deep breath, then reached down to pet her head.

"Sorry, I'm not used to this much... Why don't you go pick out a couple of things for yourself, and I'll wait here?" it probably wasn't the smartest idea to let a pet loose to pick up any toy that it wanted, but he just couldn't focus to figure out what anything was, at all. It seemed like the pillowing understood, though, as she trotted off and started to look at the toys, herself. It was only a short minute or two before she returned and jumped up to place two things in the basket. A long rope toy and a textured ball that seemed easy enough to toss around. Both toys that could be played with alone but would be more fun with the owner involved. And both of which were quiet options, too, which Maven was quietly appreciative of. He pet the pillowing's head again, then picked up the end of the ribbon to let it act like a leash again before finding where the beds and stuff were.

"What kind do you think is best?" he asked as he picked a box bed up from the shelf and set it down to see what she thought. The canine turned her back to it, though, and seemed to be upset by the suggestion. Confused, he put it back up, then grabbed a large flat bed that was covered in soft fluffy material. Again, the canine didn't want anything to do with it, and instead huffed and laid down.

"Is there something wrong with these beds?" he was confused as he put the other bed up and tried a couple more only to get the same kinds of response. She didn't seem to want any kind of bed that this store had in stock. Were they not good enough quality for her? But, some of them were pretty expensive, and he doubted he could afford something of even higher quality... "Come on, girl... There has to be something that you want to sleep on," he pleaded, only for her to finally respond. She got up and walked circles around his legs to tie them up with the ribbon, then turned her nose up to look at him. It took a long moment as he untangled himself, but then it clicked. "Do you... Just want... to keep sharing my bed?"

A couple of happy bounces and yips confirmed the guess and the owner ran his hand over his skull mask with a sigh. Of course she'd want to keep doing what they had started last night. Well, it had been comfortable, and he had to admit that it was nice, so... That was fine. Plus, it just meant that he didn't have to spend money on these pet beds. He would need to get a few more pillows, and maybe a blanket or two, though. But that shouldn't be too bad.

"Okay, do you want any treats or a couple more toys, then?" he offered, only for the pillowing to shake her head. There was one more thing that he decided he was going to get while they were here, though. When they checked out, he got the items in the bag, grabbing something from the counter itself as he was handed the receipt. He could tell that the pillowing was watching him intently, especially when he didn't move to head out the door and instead led her over to a strange machine in the corner of the store. He popped the plastic in his hand open and pulled out a tag, set it into the metal arm then closed the plastic lid to the engraving machine. With that settled, he picked his plush friend up so that she could reach the keypad.

"Why don't you give yourself a name?" he suggested, moving one hand to free it up and press a couple of keys to show what he meant, then hit the backspace to clear it back out so that she could do the input herself. It seemed like she understood as she carefully reached out and started to paw at the keys. It was a little clumsy, but after a few tries, she got the name Zhara on the screen.

"Zaa-rah? Is that the name you want?" Maven asked, wanting to confirm as he set the pillowing back to the floor. She gave an enthusiastic nod and he chuckled. She was so quick to affirm things that it was cute. It was like she didn't want to leave him any room to doubt or to worry. Really, this creature was so sweet. With her name chosen, he put in his information on the back side of the tag, just in case something ever happened and someone found her somewhere without him. He then watched as the machine engraved the tag with everything and dropped it into the retrieval cache. He picked it up, then dug around in the bag for the collar to attach it before putting it on Zhara.

The brown collar, with the shiny new metal tag on it, looked so good on the canine, and the matching leash certainly looked nicer than the piece of ribbon he had been using. With all of those supplies currently handled, Maven decided to go ahead and swing by the local shopping center to see what kinds of blankets and pillows they had. After all, it was a short walk away, a nice day out, and it felt like a waste if he were to just head right back home with his plush companion after making his way out and about. Plus, he could probably figure out some dinner plans as well. It'd be productive, something he definitely needed to take advantage of when he had the chance.

Once they were inside the larger store, the feline picked up Zhara and set her in the cart so that he could just push her around and not have to worry so much about accidentally running a paw over or tripping over her or anything. She certainly seemed alert and capable of a lot, but he was less sure of himself since he often was overwhelmed when trying to pick up just a couple of things. Kind of like how he was overwhelmed by the selection of dog toys that the pet store had...

It took about ten minutes of wandering around to find the right aisle with the blankets in it, and when he did, Maven had zero clue what kind to even look at. There were sheets, comforters, throws, heated, weighted, light weight, knitted, crocheted... Some looked soft, some looked durable, and there were just so many options. Many of which would look just fine with his current bedding. Did he want something for the full bed? Or did he just want smaller ones that could be pulled into a make-shift pet bed or a sort of nest for himself...? And he wanted to look at pillows, too, which he knew there'd be a lot of options there, even though he just wanted basic pillows.

The canine pulled him from the racing thoughts as she placed her paw on his hand and tilted her head again with a soft squeak. She really was doing a wonderful job of pulling him back on track. Maybe she could be a support animal... Could pillowings even be considered support animals? Was there a process for that? He filed those questions away for later, figuring he could look up what he had to do for that after he got back home. For now, his focus needed to be on the blankets. He skimmed the aisle for the rolled up small blankets that he would usually see around. They were soft and thin, but also warm enough to be comfortable. It took a little bit of browsing, but he finally found them at the other end of the aisle, where he grabbed two that he figured would work. With that handled, he started to make his way to the next aisle, only to pause when Zhara barked a couple of times to stop him.

"What's up? What is it, girl?" he asked, confused by her action. She stopped barking when he pushed the cart back down the aisle with the blankets, but when he started to move away again, she barked again. Was she wanting something else on this aisle? He looked down the wide array of options, then sighed and started to push the cart to the other side of the row. "Stop me when we're close to what you want," he conceded, not really wanting to fight with her. Plus, Zhara seemed like she knew what she liked and what she wanted, though... It seemed almost like her wants and desires were to take care of him. Maybe that's how all pillowings were? He didn't know for sure.

After getting almost all the way to the other end, the plush pup barked, then pointed her paw at one of the weighted blankets. Maven looked at it, then sighed and nodded, his tail twitching slightly as he was very certain that this was a decision that his new friend was making solely for him. He definitely didn't expect her to be able to handle a twenty pound blanket on her own, but when he picked it up, it felt like a nice weight. It'd probably feel good draped around his shoulders on his lower days, or even just while watching a movie or whatever.

With that handled, he moved to head to the pillows once more, and this time he wasn't stopped by Zhara wanting him to get something else. The feline paused when he walked past a wire bin filled with plush toys, then stepped over and started to look at the various options to them. For the discounted price, they were very affordable, and they were definitely soft, with a material to them that was a bit different than he had seen in a plush before. they were also in some cute animal forms, so he found a tie-dye kitten and a slush blue husky to add to his cart. After all, when he wasn't home, maybe his companion would need something to snuggle up to, right? At least that was the excuse he was giving himself. The reality was that he would probably put them on the couch and snuggle up to them, himself, rather than them solely being for Zhara's comfort. But she would get priority, obviously.

With those picked up and added to the list, he finally made his way to the pillows, where there were just as many options as there had been in blankets. Firm, Soft, Super Soft, feather filled, cotton filled, memory foam, foam chunks, mixed fillings... There were small pillows, standard sized pillows, body pillows, shaped pillows, and just... Too many options when he just wanted normal pillows. Still, knowing what he wanted meant he could narrow the selection down and focus on just the size that he was interested in, at least. That still left a lot to consider, and he spent more than just a couple of minutes thinking it over before grabbing a cotton pillow, two memory foam pillows, one feather pillow, then one memory foam throw pillow to keep on the floor so that Zhara would have her own pillow to take wherever she wanted. Obviously, with so many new pillows, he needed cases for them all, so he just grabbed the first neutral colored case set that looked like it would have enough for the four standard pillows, then found a matching cover for the throw pillow. Now, with the cart half-filled with what he came shopping for, and the other half being the pillowing, he had just one more thing on his agenda before checking out.

"I'm thinking a frozen dinner tonight. What do you think?" he looked at the canine that was currently pawing at the pillows, drawing her attention back to him. She seemed to think it over for a long moment, then gave a nod in agreement. Maven was pretty certain that if he tried to eat frozen dinners too many nights in a row, she'll probably protest, but given that they were having a productive morning, and a very energy intensive morning at that, it wouldn't be so bad. Plus, frozen foods were easier to pick something out of, since he had his safe options that he could quickly pick from. Grabbing one of the packages from the frozen foods section, one of the 'ready in minutes' meals that was beef and broccoli, he was finally done with the shopping and was able to make his way to check out, then back to home.

Once back at the house, Maven hung Zhara's collar and leash up at the same spot as his skull mask. The blankets and freshly covered pillows made their way onto the bed, with the rope and ball joining the throw pillow on the family room's floor. The weighted blanket was brought in and laid on the back of the couch, and the frozen dinner that would be fixed in a few hours was safely tucked away in the small freezer. With all of that done and handled, he turned to his pillowing and asked "So, what now?"

Zhara's reply was to bound off and hop up on the couch, grabbing the remote to make it clear that some down time with television sounded good. Maven chuckled and walked over, dropping to his spot beside her, then moved to find something for them to watch. Once he found something, his pillowing making her way to lay across his lap, he pulled out his phone to start to look up on what it took to have a support pillowing. He needed a picture of them, so reached out as far as his arm could go and took a selfie of them to submit the form, then got settled back into what would become the pair's favorite spot for the evenings.

Description/Summary Start: 

Standard: Floral Memories

-What is their heart token (optional: and why)? - The blank sheet of paper stained with ink, in the envelope.

-Good night! First night with your pillowing. - Sleeping comfortably after getting Zhara animated.

-Good morning! Your pillowing is letting you know it’s time to get up, what a soft alarm clock. - Woken up by Zhara, followed by a cleaned house and breakfast.

-Pillowing and Pillowing accessories. What type of items did you get when you brought your pillowing home? Harnesses and leashes? A pet bed? Squeaky toys? Their own blankie? Whatever accessories you think your pillowing needs! - Shopping Trip to get everything! (Collar, Leash, Rope Toy, Ball Toy, more blankets and pillows, and a name tag)

-Family Portrait. Image depicting your new pillowing and their owner. - Picture on the couch for the Service Pillowing Application

-Your pillowing’s favorite spot in your home. - On the couch, laid across her owner's lap.

Word count: 5,830
Cloverse Characters: Just Zhara

Content Warnings:
Depression and dark tones at times. (Owner struggles with this)
Implied SH in the past (Mainly wanting to hide his arms and tail with sleeves and bandages.)
Nothing too bad or intense, but still enough that I feel safer with a warning on it. Just so that everyone can make sure they are in the right head space before deciding to get in to the story.
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Normal comment now, I loved this little snippet of their first day together! Never thought about how long it would take to bring a pillowing to life and loved the official cloverse box. Wonderful work Spirit~