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30 Day OTP Challenge

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My version of a 30 Day OTP challenge meme I put together while studying several others, and adding a few ideas of my own

~ Free to use ~
Please credit me. I'd like to see what you do with it

Meme constructed by me, SpiritAmong-Darkness 
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I like that there are replacement options.

do you mind if I do this but maybe use a bit of the other otp meme?
there are just a few there I'd like to use here :3 
SpiritAmong-Darkness's avatar
Thanks. I thought it were an easy solution if a few didn't appeal to some users

Sure, Edgar Smile 50x50 GIF not at all, go ahead
kitkatnis's avatar
yeah, it's a good idea, because usually there always is 1 or 2 that don't :P

cool, I'm thinking I'm gonna do this soon
The-Midnight-Gothic's avatar
I'll probably do this
SpiritAmong-Darkness's avatar
Awesome! :LaCanFLYYY:It is up to you
MadaraUchiha-Chan's avatar
I may do this once I get more paper lol XD
SpiritAmong-Darkness's avatar
Oooo, yay~ Onigiri Emoticons Feel free, hehe
AirMasterParker's avatar
I'll do this with Deku x Ochaco from My Hero Academia
SpiritAmong-Darkness's avatar
Cool! ^w^ Have fun with it
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I might do this. Could I use this for fanfiction prompts? I will credit you if I do! :)
SpiritAmong-Darkness's avatar
Of course :funnyface: - NaNoEmo 13/30 you can. That's fine with me 
getitdonehuhu's avatar
LOL! these are great ideas!! good challenge!! i might do it together with inktober!
SpiritAmong-Darkness's avatar
Hehe Blushing: elenaplyr commission thank you

Oh awesome~! :starstruck: I'd be so honored if you did
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This looks like an interesting take on the original 30-day challenge.
SpiritAmong-Darkness's avatar
Thank you X3 I tried to adding a fun twist to it
StellarFairy's avatar
You're welcome! Hopefully people who take this challenge will have fun with it! Oh, and one additional question: Would you do more one pairing for each day? Or do you have to do only one for the whole 30 days?
SpiritAmong-Darkness's avatar
Yeah sure, go ahead. I don't mind if you have more than one pairing in the pics, it's up to you
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