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{HP} Oc Profile - Eleanor Lilith Snape


{HP} Oc Profile - Eleanor Lilith Snape

First Thought of/Created: December 13th, 2017 Why did you create them? I watched the movies numerous times, and I always had a nagging feeling to get into the fandom. I felt so bad for Snape. How much he loved Lily and didn't get to be with her, and what's worse is she didn't even seem to notice. I ship them, and yet I don't.. So I wanted to give him something, a daughter from Lily, to help him through What is the origin behind their pairing? I always liked Draco, even more with his character development in the series and learning the reasons behind what he did. Since Eleanor was my first and only Oc, and in Slytherin, I decided to pair them together About Name: Eleanor Lilith Snape Nickname(s): N/A Race/Species: Human witch Blood Status: Half-blood Nationality: English Gender: Female Age: Movie/Book 1 (Sorcerer's Stone) - 12 Movie/Book 2 (Chamber of Secrets) - 13 Movie/Book 3 (Prisoner of Azkaban) - 14 Movie/Book 4 (Goblet of Fire) - 15 Movie/Book 5 (Order of the Phoenix) -

The Making of a Master


The Making of a Master

Young Terence awoke in terror, in a chilling sweat that dampened the bandages fastened around his head. He dreamt about that horrifying event most every night now.. but tonight was especially bad. It haunted him.... The moment he rose from the bed, Vernon's eyes were on him. Terence panted briefly, trying to force the thoughts away. Instead they lingered. Gone still, staring downward, fear washed from his face into a frown. Finally meeting the gaze of his demon companion. They were soon joined by his, the crow demon. The look on his face turned to something indescribable, a mix of controlled rage and something else. Whatever it was enticed the demons. ".....Make sure he does not sleep well tonight either..!" the boy demanded, in spite of not being contracted to the other. "Both of you.." Sebastian, however, did not take offense nor decline. His interest having been peaked. Being the first he'd ever done this, given a command so unmoving and lacked any hesitation. It would seem
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[Naruto] Oc Profile: Oi the Multi-Tails


[Naruto] Oc Profile: Oi the Multi-Tails

Date first thought of/created: November 27th, 2013 What is the reason behind their creation? How did you come up with the idea? I wanted to make an embodiment of something that would torment my character so a began to ponder the concept of darkness, what is it really and what can it do. Because Darkness is what it feels like you are in when you're in that state of mind. Created as a coping mechanism, as the antagonist for something I could relate to General What do they represent? Are they modeled after someone or something? It represents darkness. Modeled after my own depression and our own inner demons Fan Character or Original: Fan character Fandom/Universe: Naruto Name: Ōi Kanji: 多い Name Meaning: many, numerous Alternative Names / Nicknames: the Multi-Tails Demon type: Bijuu, Elemental Title/Rank: Divine Age: Thousands of years old Humanoid or not: Not humanoid Form/Manifestation (what does it look like): A shapeless mass of pure darkness and shadow, emanating from the

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DepressiveRami's Raffle

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Nothing more amusing than watching your parent read your fanfiction XD and they don't completely get what's going on with the fandom references LOL. But at least she reads it dramatically ;P

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