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leftI will draw any fandom but please no mechas/robots and furries(nekomimi characters are ok).
leftPlease pay me first.
leftI accept yaoi, yuri and hetero couples don't be afraid to ask.

Pagedoll Pixel $5USD  Per Character
Pixel Pagedoll: Spirit-Okami by Spirit-Okami

Cuphead Boss Icon $2USD Per Character

Cartoon Style $4USD Per Character

 Knee up(Fully Shaded+Small BG):  $9USD (Extra characters 200:points: each)

Chibis $12USD Per Character Fully Shaded

Vector Style Chibi Couples (With Background)  $10USD

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Hopefully I'll finally be uploading art here ;;v;;
Omfg I am so sorry for the sudden inactivity. My laptop´s hard drive is damaged unfortunately and I have to save money in order to get it repaired. It´s expensive asf tbh
So just a little heads up that I´m not dead here lmao
Although I am active on facebook, that´s where you can see my traditional drawings, and discord. Note me if you want my fb.
For discord comment below your id no.



♦️ ♦️ ♦️The Kingdom of Wealth♦️ ♦️ ♦️


King: Sekhmet Galileo  (Solgaleo)

Queen: Meztli Camapalotl  (Lunala)



10: Rico Yasir Montéz del Alba (Meowth) || Treasurer


8: Cyril Nemati (Absol) || Scholar
    Ilori Estrea (Seviper) || Astronomer

7: Thema Nazari (Zoroark) || Lower court member, Diamond mine owner
    Euceia Lyssa Anastas (Kommo-o) || Knight
    Adara (Ninetales) || Oracle 

6: Pistol Ozini (Ponyta) || Stable Master

   Yunes Abdallah (Umbreon) || Royal Night Guard
    Salem Black    (Flygon) ||

5: Seren Thalasseon (Lumineon) || Enchantress/Shopkeeper

   Antheia 'Primadonna' Algaea (Primarina) || Business Owner [Performer/Entertainer on the side]

4: Kekala Mangal (Medicham) || Traveling Entertainer
    Kalama Agnimitra (Salazzle) || Shopkeeper || Potions Maker
    Reiko Yazawa (Mienshao) || Shop Owner/Fortune Teller
    Gwenda Cassia (Pichu) || Singer
    Hadil (Gourgeist) || Bard/Witch

3: Roshanak "Roshi" Merizadi (Krookodile) || Desert Bandit

2: Guinevere Isdal (Stunky) || Thief
    Darling (Deerling) || Street Artist
    Amber Ekras (Vulpix) || Pirate
    Ezra (Shiny Mimikyu) || Bandit
    Sasha Malikov (Skrafty) || Bodyguard for hire

Official Name: The Kingdom of Diamond

Nicknames: The Diamond of Solitaire, The Diamonds, Yellow Kingdom

Current Ruler: King Sekhmet Galileo

Captial City: Eureka

National Animal: Lion

National Flower: Lotus

Motto: Wealth & Enlightenment


Out of the four kingdoms, The Diamond Kingdom is the wealthiest and best in its economy. The kingdom is known for having many mines such as gold, silver, copper, gems and especially diamonds which are used to create jewelry, produce gold coins called PokePounds, which is the currency of Solitaire, and used to decorate the castles. It's economy heavily relies on these mines to produce goods such as jewelry and the finest clothing is made by highly talented artisans using the finest fabrics with stunning and beautiful embroidery. Due to it being wealthy, there is little to no poverty nor sordid conditions within the kingdom thus the majority of the population are in the middle class meanwhile the capital city of The Diamond Kingdom, Eureka, is where the highest and wealthy classes reside in including the ruler(s).

The Diamond Kingdom is located on the west side of Solitaire which is the second biggest kingdom after The Spades Kingdom. The vast majority of the land is covered in deserts causing little plant and animal life due to the harsh weather conditions, however, the northeastern region where Eureka is located and near the south of the Hearts kingdom resides near a river named Nahr which it's starting point comes from the southern Gulf and ends at the northern part of Eureka. The crops are cultivated along the banks of the Nahr River on the rich black soil, or kemet which was left behind after the yearly floods. The fertile soil was ideal to grow a healthy harvest. Centuries ago, the rulers of that time thought the Nahr River was a gift from the gods.

The southern region of the kingdom has a huge canyon. The Kabir Canyon, which the Nahr river flows through. It is said that ancient tribes inhabited the canyon due to old homes and cave paintings have been discovered. The Kabir Canyon is the perfect place to mine for gold although there have been a few discoveries of other precious minerals.

(The Diamond Kingdom encompasses Egypt(The Greater Middle East) and Greece.)

Law System

The head of the legal system was officially the King or Queen, who was responsible for enacting laws, delivering justice, and maintaining law and order. The kingdom does have a court system. There was a lower court and a high court. The lower court was made up of a group of elders in each town while the supreme high court judge is the monarch, who assigned his Ace to this job, to hear the case and act as judge.

When a dispute was settled in lower court, both sides are heard, and a decision is made by the lower court based on the facts presented. However, if you did not like the decision of the lower court, you could come before the royal advisor on a first come, first served basis, and present your case again. Even though the advisor tries to be fair, it was not smart to come before the advisor unless your case is serious, and you have the evidence to show that the lower court's decision was in error because the royal advisor's decision was final. You could end up in more trouble than you were in already by demanding to have your case heard in the high court.

The monarch and aristocracies viewed men and women, including people from all social classes, as essentially equal under the law, and even the lowliest peasant, although there was very little in this class, is entitled to petition the royal advisor. Punishment for minor crimes involved either imposition of fines or imprisonment however serious crimes such as murder, for example, is punished by execution. Other serious crimes, treason or plotting against the monarchy, are punished by slavery or exile. If you are exiled but return and seen in the kingdom the punishment will be execution usually by impalement.

  •    Under the reign of King Sekhmet Galileo, it is now required by law that all towns or villages in the kingdoms must have an educational institution for all children who reach the age of five, no matter their status, must attend and learn reading, writing, and basic arithmetic. King Sekhmet will provide funding and a scholar for each institution built. Those who wish to continue their education have the opportunity to study and become a scholar at Sethena Mouseion.
    “All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth.” ―Aristotle


Theme Song Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: Route 111

Eureka is the only largest and wealthiest city in the Diamond Kingdom which is located above the torrid Set Desert and near the Nahr river. The majority of the population are either high or middle class citizens and dwell in Eureka unfortunately the city streets can become quite over crowded but each day the city continues to construct and further expand along side the gifted river.  The ruler(s) and the castle, Ra, named long ago after the sun god, reside here. Rumors are said that the castle was built above the first discovered diamond mine in the kingdom.

Khalili Market

Just a few meters north from Eureka is the famous street market, Khalili. It is known to be considered the largest market stretching approximately two miles(3kms) long. Its starting point begins to the west near the Nahr River and spreads out east. Khalili is quite popular for citizens and even visitors from the other kingdoms to purchase items and all sorts of goods can be found in the market including imported goods from such as fruits and vegetables from the Clubs Kingdom that are not able to grow due to the harsh hot climate. A variety amount of merchants and artisans gather in Khalili. Unfortunately, there have been reports of thieves wondering around and stealing, be cautious.

↳ S E T H E N A   M O U S E I O N 

Theme Song Pokemon Black & White: Route 10

Ἐὰν ᾖς φιλομαθής, ἔσει πολυμαθής

"If you are fond of learning, you will soon be full of learning"

- Isocrates To Demonicus

The Mouseion is an institution of intellectual pursuit, located on the far east side of Solitaire near the Nahr River, founded by Priestess Minerva in 975 but after her death in 980 she gave the ownership to her once orphaned yet soon to be genius student, Sophia Ptolemaic, a noctowl. During the Fall of Solitaire, Sophia’s plan to continue the construction was halted due to low funds but luck was soon to be on her side. The founding of a new kingdom in 1001, Diamonds, and it’s new ruler, King Erikur, promised the noctowl that the institution would soon be completed thanks to the kingdom’s Gold Era where it was considered to be the wealthiest among all of Solitaire. With the help of the kingdom, including Sophia’s two friends alakazam and metagross, Sethena Mouseion would at last be finished on the year of 1006.
The institution only accepted those born of noble blood but over the years it has changed to make it for those who truly wanted to learn no matter their rank but in order to become a student it is required to take an entrance exam for admission. If those who score with a passable grade then they are accepted. With many of the Diamonds citizens wanting to become scholars, the kingdom was soon ideally suited to be Solitaire’s new center of thought, culture and activity.
Scholars from across the other kingdoms were later invited to share their knowledge in many aspects such as literature, science and geography. The layout of the institution was designed so that its buildings and grounds would accommodate free thinking, debate and presentation. The building was filled with lecture areas, residential quarters, lecture halls, laboratories, observatories, small botanical gardens, a dining room and theaters, as well as the greatest library.

S E T H E N A   L I B R A R Y One of the most famous of libraries in Solitaire, it has rooms for acquisitions and cataloguing, the library held between 400,000 and 700,000 scrolls and books all translated into various languages. It acquired high quality items including the best, most authoritative original works, some who’s origins may not be Solitaire. Over 100 scholars lived at the institution full time to perform research, write, lecture or translate and copy documents. The library was so large a "daughter" library was built at the royal castle of Eureka.

C O U N T R Y  O F  N A U C A T I S

Theme song Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon OST - Sand Continent: Sahra Town

Founded by the meowth countess Ailuros in 1026, Naucatis is in the kingdom of Diamonds located along the southern border of the kingdom of Hearts and the Nahr River. Originally the country started off as a small city ,later given the name Naucatis City, near the end of the river with beautiful earth colored and white marble buildings. Upon exiting from the city, small villages who's homes are made of wood and mud can be seen. Many moved to Naucatis due to wanting to live closer to the god gifted river and there weren’t as much citizens living there making it not a crowded city.  In 1030, Countess Ailuros was married to the king of that time giving the title of count to her brother, Qut. Both rulers trusted and knew Qur would be a great count giving him the authority to make a country in the kingdom. He soon began to travel downwards the Nahr River in order to expand his new country which he would later name after the city, Country of Naucatis in 1031. The current count is Rico Yasir Montéz del Alba.

  • The city is well known for its abundance of stray cats who are deemed as sacred among the citizens and many leave food for the animal. They were praised for controlling vermin and its ability to kill snakes, the cat became a symbol of grace and poise. 
  • During the year of 1033, the king and Count Qut both agreed to build a training camp named Castra in the country for future knights to train vigorously.
  • Naucatis has an abundance in crops. Farmers grow such as wheat, barley, vegetables, figs, melons, pomegranates and vines. They also grow flax which is made into linen.
  •  Hygiene in Naucatis is important thus it provides the famous Roman baths for all classes.

S E T   D E S E R T

Theme Song Pokemon Sun & Moon: Haina Desert

Named after the god of desert, Set is located on the southern east portion of the Diamond Kingdom. Whilst the vast majority of Set is comprised of large sand expanses, there are is fact some mountain ranges and grasslands sparse though they may be. The plant life in this desert is sparse due to the scorching climate conditions, approximately 500 plant species are known to grown in the kingdom.  The plants must be able to adapt to hot and dry conditions. Given the immensity of the desert, the biodiversity is remarkably low. Acacia trees, grasses, spiny shrubs, and palms, for example have adapted the desert's climate. Approximately 70 different animal species live in the Set Desert a few of them are mammal species who can survive an extended amount of time without water intake.

During the reigning years of the Pyroar Dynasty, the temperature of Set reached up to an astounding 136F (57.7C) while the average annual temperature is 86F (30C). Because the air contains very little humidity to hold the heat in, there is a great difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures. At night, the temperature regularly falls below freezing.

V A L L E Y  O F T H E R U L E R S

The "Gateway to the Afterlife"

Deep withing the Set Desert, lies the Valley of the Rulers is a massive monument which was built by the royal servants for every king or queen that ruled over the Diamond Kingdom but they also spent time and treasure creating hidden underground mausoleums. The Diamond people believed that the tombs evidence elaborate preparations for the next world, in which humans were promised continuing life. Mummification was used to preserve the body so that the deceased's eternal soul would be able to reanimate it in the afterlife. The underground tombs were also well stocked with all the material goods a ruler might need in the next world. Treasures—like diamonds, gold, silver, coins, and rare expensive items. Tombs were also well-provisioned with enough food and drink, including wine and beer, for royal feasting in the next world, as well as sacred objects meant to help the deceased achieve eternal life, even favored companions. The Valley of the Rulers' perimeter is heavily protected by strong guards due to tomb robbers. No one who is unworthy is permitted to enter.

There was once a poor mischievous sableye thief who heard of the great riches lying within the mausoleums. Some how he tricked the guards by using magic to transform himself into the king at that time. He was granted entrance and once reaching deeper in the mausoleum his eyes were met with shiny bright gold riches. His greediness got the better of him taking all that he could but he heard strange sounds. Feeling scared and paranoid he changed back to the king's appearance and took what ever he could but before he could actually leave a malevolent spirit appeared. It gave the foolish thief a long time curse for entering and stealing. The sableye did leave the valley but forever cursed. It is said anyone who enters and steals is, by the same spirit who saw the sableye, cursed. No one actually knows what the curse it is indeed a mystery.

A H S A  O A S I S

Theme song Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Northern Desert

A small town in the west residing by the only oasis in the entire kingdom and named after the founder Al Ahsa thus giving it's name Ahsa Oasis. Due to it's natural fresh-water springs it encouraged human habitation and agricultural efforts. Ahsa Oasis is famous for its palm trees.

↳ Renenutet Farm

Named after the goddess of nourishment and the harvest. Located just above Ahsa Oasis, this farm dedicates into growing grain, which is the first crop grown after inundation.  used to make bread, porridge and beer. Cotton is also grown here which is then distributed throughout the Diamonds and sold off to the other kingdoms.

Jebel Shams

Theme Song Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Great Canyon 

Along the edge of Jebel Shams, the cliffs drop a thousand meters exposing dramatic scenery justly nicknamed the "Diamonds Grand Canyon". Jebel Shams is a great place to escape the city and gaze at the starlit night sky. The conditions have to be right, as you will need a clear moonless sky, and you could get lucky with a view of the milky way as well. To truly appreciate the splendor and magnificence of Jebel Shams, citizens visiting this area often consider spending an evening camping there.  Jebel is home to at least a dozen small villages, were the main occupations are animal husbandry, farming, and rug weaving. Of the 400 varieties of date palm, only one type grows on Jebel, there is also an abundance of wild olive trees called itm and cacti. Another common tree on the mountain is the thorn of Christ tree or sidr, the fruit “nubuq” are eaten by the locals, and taste similar to apples. Be wary of the thorns on this tree, as they are strong enough to penetrate the soles of shoes if stood on. Many gems and minerals can be found here.

The name Jebal Shams translates to Sun Mountain.

Gold Mines

  • Tautona

Diamond Mines    

  • Jubiluda

  • Catoca

  • Venetia

History of The Diamond Kingdom

After the empire of Solitaire had separated into four kingdoms, each of the king's four children ruled a kingdom one of them being The Diamonds. The first ruler, King Erikur, was the second oldest of the four siblings. He and his wife, Queen Diancie, had two children of their own. With his beloved family at his side, he became a totally different person no longer a shy man but a strong proud king just like his father. During his reign, the Diamond Kingdom went into its Golden Era. Mines and precious metals and gems were being discovered, the kingdom began to expand in lengths becoming the second biggest after The Spades Kingdom, lower classes began to form into the middle class which caused the lower classes to almost disappear, there was no poverty everyone lived wealthy happy lives, and the city of Eureka was founded after the king had heard news of a newly discovered river with lands perfect for agricultural use and the first diamond cave was discovered as well thus causing him to order every noble and high class to pack their belongings. Their new homes would now be in Eureka. The Kingdom of Diamonds would eventually be nicknamed “The Diamond of Solitaire”.

The death of the king, due to natural causes, had come. Every citizen of the kingdom came to pay the king's respect although they wept and felt depressed, the king's oldest son was next to take the throne, however, the Golden Era still continued with his reign. The new king wanted to be just like his father not wanting to become a failure and a disappointment to his people and kingdom. He became more focused on his kingly duties that he wasn't interested in finding love nor having someone along side him to run the kingdom. With his reign, the kingdom's economy increased and started its own military although there was no war at that time the king thought it would be wise to train new soldiers for the protection of the kingdom and it's people just in case if a war were to start. Sadly, the king fell with a serious illness that could not be cured. A few days later his queen had passed away due to a broken heart, with no children of their own, the king's younger brother would be next to take the throne.

The new young king like any other married, a purrloin, the two had only one daughter, named Antoine, which later would become queen but her reign would be the ending of The Golden Era of the kingdom.

She was seen as cruel, heartless and especially greedy. To make it even worse, a horrible drought came which caused the Nahr river to slowly dry up, the crops died out and it was difficult to grow thus leading to a slight famine. Antoine spent heavily on fashion, luxuries, traveling and gambling that became an addiction. All the mines belonged to her now including all the precious metals that were found turning it into jewelry only meant for her to wear such as a highly expensive diamond necklace made especially for her. She no longer cared about the kingdom's financial crisis nor her people. With the drought becoming harsher, a few of the population decreased due to famine, dehydration, and hyperthermia. Until one day, a nobleman pyroar, having a strong hatred for Antoine, rebelled against the Queen. Even though it may have cost him his life, he was determined to remove Antoine from the throne and help the kingdom and its people. He was an intelligent man with the trait of a great leader. His speeches began to be heard by all the people now siding with him. The entire population rioted against Antoine, throwing items such as torches, rocks etc at the castle. Antoine cowardly fled from the kingdom to hide but unfortunately for her she was found in hidden within the Club Kingdom. Due to fleeing, she was accused of treason and severely punished.

The entire Kingdom praised for the brave pyroar to become the next king which he accepted thus it would be the of the original dynasty now starting a new one named Pyroar Dynasty, however, it would be the shortest dynasty to have reign The Diamond Kingdom only lasting four generations. Although with a new monarch in power, the Kingdom's economy was still in crisis until one day the king from The Spades Kingdom, a luxray, offered financial support without hesitation the pyroar king gladly accepted his offer. For several years, The Diamond Kingdom's economy began to increase little by little. Some consider this to be a miracle that the Nahr river would soon replenish with water after it was drying up during Antoin's reign. The crops would shortly be grown and with the help of The Spades Kingdom sending their own food supplies the famine crisis would disappear. The pyroar king could not show his thankfulness to the luxray king so he gifted him with a gold mine a few miles away from the city of Eureka. All was good for The Diamond Kingdom until there was suspicion claimed by the pyroar king's noble and trusted Jack, solgaleo, about the true intention of the luxray king. He knew about the mines with its precious metals and gems, therefore, he wanted to control the entire Diamond Kingdom and make it part of his kingdom to become powerful. The Ace had warned of his king's about the luxray but he did not believe a word his Ace said. It would be the deadliest mistake he would make. The pyroar king had asked the luxray to meet him privately to discuss on how the relationship between the Diamonds and Spades may improved and become allies. The luxray accepted yet he took this as a chance to finally get rid of him. The pyroar had only one son, a litleo, he was told not to disturb his father while he was speaking to the luxray. Ignoring what he had been told, the young mischievous litleo quietly and in secret followed both kings to where they would hold a private meeting. The door had been shut but it did have a keyhole where the litleo peeked through. Only a few minutes had passed that the litleo witnessed his father being stabbed with a dagger by the luxray while saying "Long Live The King" in the most ominous voice. Footsteps approached the door causing the litleo to quickly run away but unfortunately caught by the luxray. The luxray announced that the pyroar king was assassinated and his son was kidnapped and killed. With no one to take the throne, the luxray declared himself as king of both his kingdom and now the Diamonds.

Many years passed, the litleo now grown up and evolved into a pyroar escaped from where he was being held captive. He traveled across the deserts to return to Eureka but luck was not on his side. He fainted knowing that he would never get his revenge against the luxray until two travelers saved him from the dreaded heat. The two travelers lived in a canyon that was not yet discovered. The pyroar wanted to create his own army and declare war to take his rightful place as king. Years passed, his planned had worked he gathered many new people to join his side and they all  went to Eureka. The luxray was shocked that the king's son has escaped and still alive yet he still accepted to have a war knowing it was a foolish mistake. The war would be known as "The Diamond's Independence" and it would be considered the bloodiest war ever. The pyroar and luxray had a one-on-one battle against each other meanwhile everyone else would be fighting. With vigorious trainging, the pyroar stabbed the luxray killing him in an instant. After that the Spades declared defeat and the Diamonds would take a small portion of their land now becoming a part of the Diamond Kingdom. A new city was founded given the name of Durak. The Pyroar Dynasty lasted approximately two centuries due to the last king resigning, therefore, giving the throne to his Jack(A generation of solgaleo's as Ace since the beginning of the Pyroar Dynasty) thus the Solgaleo Dynasty would begin.

Two generations of solgaleo's have reigned now the second female ruler would take throne, the daughter of the previous king, Sekhmet Galileo. During her reign, there have been rumors about another war being planned between the Diamonds and Spades.

♦️ ♦️ ♦️

As the title clearly states that Poke-Life :iconpoke-life: is in need of mods( People who can help out the group with applications , share ideas ect) If you are interested please click…
If you have any questions feel free to note the group or myself since I am a mod/co-founder.
Banner by Spirit-Okami

A special letter has arrived in your mailboxLarger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu

Letter by Spirit-Okami

 This event will be a collab where all the members draw their gijinka(s) and grouped together.
Star!It stars from March 20th until April 16thStar!
Those who participate in this event will earn 500PD
Only Poke-Life members can join.

Rules by Spirit-Okami

Glass Rose Bullet (Pink) by Gasara All gijinkas participating MUST WEAR either pastel colored, spring/foral or easter themed clothing.
Glass Rose Bullet (Pink) by Gasara All drawings must be in chibi style.
Glass Rose Bullet (Pink) by Gasara Only a full colored chibi with transparent or white background. Unfinished sketches or uncolored linearts will not be accepted.
Glass Rose Bullet (Pink) by Gasara If you draw traditionally or do not own a tablet to draw on, make sure you can scan or take a photo of it in a good/decent quality, and if it's possible that it has a white background. 
Glass Rose Bullet (Pink) by Gasara The required minimum size is 330x550 approximately. You can use a bigger canvas, but it will be re sized to fit these proportions when it is merged with all the chibis together. The picture can't be smaller than the given size. 
Glass Rose Bullet (Pink) by Gasara If you have more than one gijinka then please go right ahead and draw all the ones you own, this is your choice of course.  
Glass Rose Bullet (Pink) by Gasara Your gijinkas are allowed to interact with each other for this group picture.

Glass Rose Bullet (Pink) by Gasara This is an example if it helps anyone 
Spring Easter2 by Spirit-Okami

I, Spirit-Okami, will be in charge of placing the drawings on a decorative background and once it is April 16th I shall post it and tag those who participated. If your gijinkas will be interacting with each other please send me a note about it or any questions you may have. 

You will recieve 500PD for entering with one gijinka chibi and if you have multiple characters then you will earn 250PD for each you draw a chibi. 
Please comment if you are going to participate and I will add you on the list down below.

Participants by Spirit-Okami

:iconspirit-okami: :iconrani-ki: :iconamethxste: :iconrjmbother: :iconleafeonfan0001: :iconwlndigo: :iconyamidawn33: :iconshire-of-the-north: :iconh0l0graphics: :iconshark-queen: :icontheundeadgoddess: :iconborealis-star: :icontabbytu: :iconxdragonmuffins: :iconantique-jezka: :icontipsycircus: :iconeto-nyan: :iconpainted94: :iconebony-silhouette: :iconapple-rings: 


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I finally made one ;;v;;
Add/watch me and I will do the same 


Paypal Commissions OPEN

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 2, 2016, 9:28 PM

I really do not like to share anything that is personal to me but recently my father fractured his ankle and well the doctors told him that he may need surgery but the cost will be approximately $15,000 MX pesos which is about $800 US. I find it cheaper to afford and easier to get that amount of money in dollars than in MX pesos because getting that kind of money in Mexico is pretty difficult tbh. 
Unfortunately we found out that my father has anemia and the surgery cannot happen because it could be fatal apparently and he must increase to the normal amount of red blood cells. He's fine right now but he has to go to appointments but the doctors have to charge every time he goes and we have to buy medications so I want to try to help him earn money for the medications and appointments at least since my other family members are helping us with the surgery money. 
I'm opening this type of commission bust vector style for $5 US dollars. I really hope it's not expensive or whatever since my art is not the best around. If your interested please note me.

Bust Vector Style
$5 US Dollars

Jones by Spirit-OkamiT-aren by Spirit-OkamiSharon by Spirit-Okami
You can ask for a small background which is free of charge 
Rani Ki by Spirit-OkamiPersona: Kami by Spirit-Okami

|| Rules ||
Please note me if you are interested
I will not draw mechas or furries (Kemonomimis are exceptional) 
I have the right to decline your commission
I will add a watermark when I post it but I will send you the stash without the watermark

Prices are in US dollars 

Your Username

Character Reference | Please link me to a ref of your character

Background(Optional) | You are allowed to tell me how you want the bg to look like the ones shown above

Expression | It would help me a lot of you could tell me what expression you would like me to draw. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask. 

CSS coded by pastelsneakers

Sunset Lover

Petit Biscuit

I'm in need of points at the moment tbh. I would buy them but dA still won't accept credit/debit cards from Mexico :( (Sad) 

Here's what I'm offering:

One Chibi with a  background 
Style I 
250 Points

Spirit-Okami Persona ID by Spirit-OkamiHappy Birthday Kay-I by Spirit-Okami

Style II
200Points (this style is worth a little less since it doesn't have a lot of detail, vector art)
Very late birthday Gift by Spirit-Okami<da:thumb id="623789902"/>

Slots For Style I

Slots for Style II

Please pay first
If you do not have the sufficient amount of points then you can reserve a slot. Once you have the points then you can ask me what you would like, it's best if you note me when you have the points. 
No mechas or furries (kemonomimis are allowed)

I will try my best to get them finished as quickly as I can
How to order
-A ref/picture of who I will be drawing
-Style I or Style II
I had to make an account I couln't resist :iconf-lorges:
I am in need of points right now, I´d buy them myself but dA still will not accept credit/debit cards from Mexico. :( 
 150Points Each
Only one character per person

COM .:APH:. The Bahamas Pixel Box by Spirit-Okami .:APH:. Mexico Pixel Box by Spirit-Okami COM APH Lebanon Pixel Box by Spirit-Okami

Please send a character ref and a picture of what background/scenery the character will be in. 
It doesn´t have to be a Hetalia character it can be from any fandom.
I´m going to be honest I have done commissions in the past where I ask for payment after the commission has been finished but I didn´t recieve the payment. So I´m going to ask if I could recieve the points first and then I will start to work on it. This style is fairly easy to finish quick. 
No furries or mechas please, I'll accept those neko/animal mimis. 

Six slots will be opened.
2.:iconxxkitsunegalaxy606xx: DONE
3. :iconxxlolikoicaptainxx: DONE
Hey guys how are ya? 
I'm really sorry that I haven't been that much active on here. I do have a job, I have to continue my education plus entering adulthood sucks tbh. When I come back from work I feel tired and I don't have the energy nor time to draw or just do any of my hobbies so that one reason why I'm not posting art.
Second reason is that my puppy chewed on my Intuos pen. It costs $599 MX pesos convert it into US dollars its about $30-$40 so-so but I'm going to be really honest its pretty difficult to earn that kind of money in Mexico it's just my personal opinion. I already told my mother and well she was a bit upset but she is allowing me to do what I want with the money I earn so yes I am saving up for new pen. Hopefully I'll have it in about a month or so. 

I am currently making a APH Mexico timeline but in order to do that I'm reading some Mexican history books that my father has bought me. Also I'm planning on updating my mexico oc and re writing her bio. Reading it makes me cringe(?
Another thing I want to mention, if any of you would like to see more of my art, its going to be mostly traditional art because my chewed up pen, I usually post a lot of art on my fb…;

Hmm I think that's all I have to say for now. I do not want any of you to think I'm dead on here orz ahaha but I do log on and check my notifications and stuff so yeah thanks for reading~ UvU :heart: 

Add me 3ds friendcode

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 19, 2015, 8:40 PM

I might be getting Pokemon X or Y for Christmas so we can battle >8) //slapped
Friend code: 4527-8189-8809


Guess who lives near Hurricane Patricia?

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 23, 2015, 8:36 PM

Me yes and it feels rather uncomfortable tbh. I am originally from Jalisco but I have been living in Arizona since I was a year old.  I've never been in a situation like this before. Just wanted to let you guys know that I am safe inside my home but it's raining a lot since yesterday and the winds seem to be getting stronger. :(

Guadalajara, capital city of Jalisco, may have some areas of flooding and hopefully it doesn't happen where I live. There was already a crash today between two buses both filled with passengers due to the weather my god. 

> I am living in Tlajomulco de Zuniga

And just looking how big Hurricane Patricia is pretty scary

Latest Storm Status and Satellite Image

Holy shit dude 

Depending how long this hurricane will last its possible I won't go to work due to the weather I will try to finish up on all pending commissions I owe. Plus it'll be a good way to make sure I'm ok. 
But anyways please pray for those who are living near these areas especially in the states of Nayarit, Colima and Jalisco( I've been hearing on the news that these are the Mexican states that are being effected by the hurricane.) 


  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? A little bit more than 2 years

  2. What does your username mean? Spirit-Wolf (Okami is wolf in Japanese :U )

  3. Describe yourself in three words. 

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right

  5. What was your first deviation? Idek but it was weaboo-ish

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Digital and traditional(?

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? A realistic but cartoonish/anime style idk

  8. What was your first favourite? Idk

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? My friends arts

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? I have a lot of favorite artists tbh.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? All of my dA friends

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? idk maybe

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? My hands and wacom tablet

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? A quiet serene place

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? When I met my dA friends yeah 

I am in need of points I'll let this explain why 

I used to buy my points with my debit card I recieved from my job but now due to fraud here in Mexico I can't buy points anymore. :(
This core membership is somewhat worth a lot. 

Pixel Couple 40:points:

.:APH:. AmePana Pixel by Spirit-Okami.:Com:. APH Pixel Korpiri by Spirit-Okami.:Com:. Naruto OCs pixels by Spirit-Okami.:Com:. Lancelot x Robin by Spirit-Okami
 3 Slots Only(CLOSED)

Waiting list (CLOSED)

Himaruya Box Pixel Gif 150:points: 
Only one character per person
.:APH:. Mexico Pixel Box by Spirit-Okami COM .:APH:. The Bahamas Pixel Box by Spirit-Okami

Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Pagedoll 80:points: 
Onlyone pagedoll per person

.:APH:. Theatrythm Pagedolls by RepublicaMexicana
(You can ask whether you want a laced background shown below ) 

2 Slots Only


Watercolor/Pastel Lineless Chibi Couple 250 :points:
3 Slots Only
.:APH:. AmePana(B-Day Gift) by Spirit-OkamiCOM .:APH:. SpalBel by Spirit-Okami


Before you comment your commission:

1. Type of commission
2. Reference of character(s)
3. Pixel Box: What kind of background and/or send me a picture 


leftI will draw any fandom but please no mechas/robots and furries(nekomimi characters are ok).
leftDo not pressure me I will try to get your commission as soon as possible otherwise I will not do your commission and give your slot to another person.
leftI do not care whether you pay me before or after the commission as long as I get payed
leftI accept yaoi, yuri and hetero couples don't be afraid to ask. The couple commissions doesn't necessarily have to be couples it can be bro ships, family ect..
leftPlease pay in my donation box on my profile. 

I am sorry if the prices are expensive or something, I try not to make it overpriced since I don't consider my art to be perfect.