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[PL]Florges Evolution Timeline by Spirit-Okami [PL]Florges Evolution Timeline by Spirit-Okami
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Download for the bigger size. 

Note: While creating this I was coming up with some headcanons and I will rewrite Anaya's history making it more descriptive plus I will add new info/trivia. 
I'm writing this at 2AM I am so sorry if the explanation is short I just want to get this done, Idk I'll probably update this. 

Flabebe Stage

Not a whole lot of info here but her dream of becoming a famous film actress started at the age of six, the third picture, she did have quite a few favorite actors/actresses and wondered what it would be like to become a star, having fans and getting their autgraphs.And being rich, living the luxury life lmao  That is when she told both of her parents about her future career and they supported her in order to make her dream become  reality. In this stage her clothing represents the red flabebe(There are five colors). Flabebe is shown to be holding on to a flower, now in this case the flower that Anaya is carrying is actually a plushie her father gave her when she was born. No joke she would carry it everywhere she goes it was quite special to her. 

Floette Stage

I did mention that Flabebe(Plus Floette and Forges) comes in five different colors which are red, white, blue, orange and yellow.  Since I already did red I decided to make the rest of the colors. 
Bullet; Yellow 7-8 Years Old- Yellow Once evolving into a floette her eyelashes became a green color. Even though floette is still shown to hold a flower Anaya doesn't anymore well because she's a big girl now haha but she still has it in her room. My headcanon is that in elementary school she loved to be in plays especially having a leading role. It made her think as if she was in a movie. 
Bullet; Blue 13 Years Old- Blue ( Anaya's mother owns a flower shop. This is where she helped water the plants and attend the customers. Also this is how she would her allowance.) 
Bullet; Orange 15-16 Years Old- Orange ( Around this age Anaya became interested to have a talented singing voice and sing in films as well. She was inspired to do so due to watching a film which starred one of her favorite actress  who could sing quite beautifully. So she signed up for choir classes in order to practice her vocals.) 
Bullet; White 18 Years Old- White ( Now a senior and still attending a higher leveled choir class, her singing became extraordinary and pleasing to listen too. She was given a scholarship to go to The University of the Arts and pursue her career. During her high school graduation she found out that her father couldn't attend due to his occupation as an important business man instead he sent her a shiny stone as a gift plus a letter saying that with the stone she would evolve into someone more gorgeous and captivate others while on the big screen. Yes in order to evolve floette into florges you need a shiny stone. Now on her character sheet I did mention that her father couldn't attend her university graduation but I'm going to change it.) 

Florges Stage 
Her default hair color is the reddish/pinkish florges but my headcanon is that she often dyes her hair usually depending on the seasons but she'll only have it for a couple of days and change it back to her original hair color. 
19 Years Old- Before attending the universty she pondered about what her father said about evolving into someone more gorgeous. She thought long and hard about it and used the shiny stone. Her hair became much more curlier almost afro like, it changed to a pink-red color with lavender highlights and flower appeared as well. Yes those are real flowers I'll explain later. Her eyelshes became a tad bit longer than before and her hips became widershe has a nice booty btw. On the first day as a college student her beauty soon began to attract attention. 
21 Years Old- One afternoon, Anaya was walking in White City to get to her mother's flower shop in order to visit her(Anaya's father is rarely around with them since he is a busy man with his job it makes her upset that she can't see him) and once arriving she saw that their was a man in the shop, a customer she assumed, she entered and her mother told her that this man is a popular director and filmaker. Anaya's university recommended her to the director about starring in films. Without hesistant she accepted and from that moment she was trained more professionaly. She was invited to White City's Country Club where she met some of the greatest film actors/actresses. 
23 Years Old (Present)
All her training, effort and starring in films, her dream has finally become a reality. She became White City's most renown, notable and most beautiful actress with a wonderful singng voice. Now experiencing what other actors have; fans, attention, living the luxury life. She has a huge house and an enormous stunning garden. Her favorite hobby is gardening and will often offer herself to create beautiful gardens around White City. She has been offered to go out on dates by other actors due to her beauty but declined them. She will only fall for someone that can capture her attention(she will often blush quite a lot if she sees and/or is around her crush) making her demi romantic also she is biromantic lmao. 

Ok as you may have noticed I added more flowers into her hair I'll explain and why they are real

Florges is based on a nymph called Anthousai in greek mythology. It is said that these nymphs had hair that resembled a hyacinth which is the flower that florges is based off of.…
This could explain why flabebe/floette/florges come in different colors. 

Like said before I will update her character sheet mostly her history and probably adding more on her personality. Also I'll update the drawing of her because first of all Ken Sugimori's color pallette fucked me up with Anaya's har color. Ken's coloring to florges flower hair part is a dark pinkish color and I though that was the base while the reddish tone shown there was shading but looking at the pokemon cards and anime it's a bit different tone. 

Sorry if it's long asf 

Ayana Hortensia(c) :iconspirit-okami:

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