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[PK] Lycanroc: Mac Tire O'Connor by Spirit-Okami [PK] Lycanroc: Mac Tire O'Connor by Spirit-Okami

Lycanroc Dusk Form

Tough Claws || Boosts the power of the Pokémon's contact moves by 30%.
Move Set:
Howl || 
The user howls loudly to raise its spirit, which raises its Attack stat.
Counter ||
A retaliation move that counters any physical attack, inflicting double the damage taken.
Stone Edge||
The user stabs the target from below with sharpened stones. Critical hits land more easily.
The target is bitten with viciously sharp fangs. This may also make the target flinch.

Mac Tíre O'Connor | Mac for short
Birthday: March 17
Age: 26
Height: 6'2" (188cm)

Relationship Status: Single
Sexual | Romantic Orientation: Demi-sexual | Panromantic

Kingdom: Clubs
Occupation/Title: Duke of Villam
Card Rank: Jack

Personality (ENFJ)
 Brave || Adventurous || Charismatic || Altruistic || Protective || Perceptive || Loyal || Indecisive

As a rockruff during his childhood years, Mac was a young boy
with a boisterous and mischievous personality. Always causing trouble throughout Villam.
He was heedless to formality and social standings, addressing high ranked nobles with nicknames instead of honorifics although by the time of his early teen hood, Mac has outgrown this trait. As he grew older Mac was no longer the rowdy pup he once was, evolving into a dusk form lycanroc he began to mature and act more as a brave leader in order to show his family he did in fact have the potential to become the next duke. Mac is a sociable person who is keenly in tune with other people's feelings and perspectives, including supporting and motivating them. Mac has a good sense of humor and it's said his charisma draws people to him, inspiring friendship and loyalty through acts of genuine kindness.
His negative traits are indecisive.
At times he tends to struggle making hard decisions, particularly if such decisions affect many people in the province. The tendency to blame himself when things go wrong, and not give themselves credit when things go right. Mac  gets caught up with doing the best he can for the people he loves that he doesn't pay attention to his own needs. Despite having a calm side it is wise not to make this wolf angry. Just as dusk form lycanrocs are known to be a mix of midday and midnight, Mac is someone you would not want to mess with. When angered his eyes glow a bright red color. Little things don't shake the calm behavior of Dusk Form Lycanroc, but it carries an intense fighting spirit hidden within, which as a result, it relishes combat at close quarters. Seeing someone he cares deeply getting hurt is enough to get him triggered.
Despite that, Mac is a person many can get along with.

Mac is the oldest son and sibling coming from a long line of dukes and duchesses. As mentioned, Mas was a mischievous rockruff during his childhood years. There were times where he would play in the crop fields along with his friends but cause mayhem in the process. All the crops would end up being squashed and destroyed. Mac's father, the duke of Villam and a skilled agriculturist, have had enough of his son's troubling behavior. He scolded his son and telling him a long story about why destroying the crops was almost like a sin also that it was not proper behavior of a future duke even if he was still a child.
After that father-son talk, Mac, his eyes still watery from his father's story, thought long and hard about his foolish actions he has done in the past. He began to prove to his father that he could change and become a great duke also took in the interest of becoming an agriculturist in order to be able to thrive the best crops and livestock. His goal was being able to provide
nourishment for everyone even those from the other kingdoms since the Clubs were top exporters of crops. Growing up into his teenhood, Mac was no longer the boisterous boy he was. He acted very mature even for his age, 14, working hard to demonstrate to his family especially his father that he would not fail. Seven years passed, Mac was a young adult and already had high skills in agriculture. Often times he would teach other farmers his expertise.
Once day Mac went out for a horseback ride along the mountains accompanied by his two younger sisters, both being furfrous. All three decided to have a race at who could reach the top of the mountain first. It was no surprise Mac's trusty horse was the faster and arrived in first place. The furfrous stayed a bit longer at the mountain peak admiring the environment surrounding them. The sun was setting causing the sky to create a orange tone. The two sisters just gazed at the beautiful sunset however Mac was deeply piercing his eyes and felt as if he was being hypnotized. One of his sisters noticed his strange behavior and asked if he was alright but the rockruff does not respond. He took a few steps closer to the sunset as if it was alluring him, calling out his name. All of a sudden the furfrous saw their brother's eye glow a bright lemon color same as the sun which then turned into a mix of a lime-emerald green but something magically enchanting happened. A green light radiated from the horizon provoking Mac to howl as loud as he could while an aura emitted from his body. A few seconds passed and he had evolved into a lycanroc but a rare form. His sisters who witnessed his transformation were so shocked yet excited. All three went home and the rest of the family were so happy to see their son especially his new appearance.
Four years passed and it was about time Mac's father gave his son the title of Duke of Villam. 

When angered, Mac's eyes will turn red and will become aggresive to the threat by fighting them off until they are defeated. He becomes stronger once his midnight side is unleashed.
    He has claw scars on his back from a recent fight against another lycanroc but midnight form. A leader of thieves residing in Ula Town, Kingdom of Diamonds, who came to Clubs mostly targeting Villam  to steal and cause trouble.

  Mac owns quite a few pets which are: An Arabian horse, an Irish wolfhound, a border collie, a german shepherd, and a lost wolf pup he recently found. 

RP Methods: Discord Note: I really don't rp that much but I would be very glad to do some hcs. o;
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