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[PK] Lunala: Meztli Camapalotl by Spirit-Okami [PK] Lunala: Meztli Camapalotl by Spirit-Okami
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Pokemon ▪

The Moone Pokemon

▪ Nature ▪  Quiet

▪ Move Set ▪  
Moongeist Beam || The user emits a sinister ray to attack the target. This move can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities.
Teleport ||
A psychic move for fleeing from battle instantly.
Allows HP to be restored by the moonlight. In battle, half the user's max HP is restored.
Night Daze ||
The user lets loose a pitch-black shock wave at its target. It may also lower the target's accuracy.

▪ Ability ▪ 
 Shadow Shield reduces damage taken from damage-dealing moves by half when at maximum HP. It does not  reduce the amount of HP taken from moves that deal direct damage. Unlike Multiscale, Shadow Shield is unaffected by Mold Breaker, Teravolt, and Turboblaze. In addition, Moongeist Beam nd Sunsteel Strije do not ignore Shadow Shield.


Attack: 190 Defense: 130 SP. Atk: 151 SP. Def: 143 Speed: 183

Weak to: Ghost | Dark
Immune to: Normal | Fighting

▪ Name ▪ Meztli Camapalotl
 ▪ Gender ▪  Female 
 ▪ Birthday ▪ June 2
 ▪ Age ▪ 27
 ▪ Height ▪ 5' 1"
 ▪ Weight ▪ 140 lbs

Kingdom ▪ Kingdom of Diamonds
Occupation▪ Ruler of the Kingdom of Diamonds | Shaman
Card Rank ▪ Queen

▪ Relationship Status ▪ Taken
▪  Sexual Orientation Homo romantic/sexual

Voice Claim (English): N/A

Pokedex entries
"Said to live in another world, this Pokémon devours light, drawing the moonless dark veil of night over the brightness of day."
Records of it exist in writings from long, long ago, where it was known by the name “the beast that calls the moon.” "
It sometimes summons unknown powers and life-forms here to this world from holes that lead to other worlds."

▪ Personality ▪

    | Reserved | Formal | Wise |
Tranquil | Open-Minded | Kind | Patient | Friendly | Observant | Discreet | Imaginative | Perfectionist | Elegant | Fierce

Meztli is quite a reserved woman and keeps to herself most of the time except when she is around people who are close then she will show a more sociable side. She has the tenancy to listen more and pay attention to details first instead of speaking. Those who get on her bad side or someone she does not like can come off as cold and distant often giving a piercing intimidating stare. Just like her beloved king, do not attempt to challenge her. Although having a serene personality, she can become fierce when someone who is precious to her gets hurt. Despite that Meztli is actually a warm and friendly person who treats everyone with kindness. She is deemed by many of the royal court to be intelligent, open-minded and willing to share ideas that can benefit her kingdom and citizens. Her flaws are her procrastination and perfectionism. Whenever something goes wrong, Meztli become really hard on herself.  She is always quick to beat herself up and feel extremely bad about a mistake for a long, long while.

▪ History

The queen of Diamonds, Meztli, is not in fact from the wealthy kingdom nor Solitaire but from an entirely different world. She lived in the empire of Tenoch and both her parents were the rulers. When Meztli was only a young and small cosmog she always had a thirst for knowledge especially in the field of astronomy. The stars, the planets, and the movements of heavenly bodies in the universe was a great part of the traditions of her people and it had a lot to do with their everyday movements and the decisions that they made on a daily basis. She learned how to write by using pictographs and began writing in what her people call codices  She has heard about ancient tales of people summoning "magical holes" in the sky allowing them to travel to other worlds or space. Her curiosity to know how to summon one rose thus began to find any scriptures about them.
During her early adult years
as a cosmoem, there was great tension between her empire and another neighboring rival, the Tlatels.
The Tlatel's ruler, a traitorous necrozma, wanted to conquer as much land for their empire to grow but of course Meztli's father, rayquaza, would not allow that to happen. Both rayquaza and necrozma agreed to have a war and who ever was victor would claim both empires as their own. The Tenochs began to prepare for the upcoming war by producing a large quantity of armor and weapons, recruiting people to fight in the war and training them to become fierce soldiers. Almost a month passed and on a quiet afternoon the Tlatel's surprisingly attacked the Tenochs from afar using magical like powers. The nobles informed their ruler of the attack and he told them to warn everyone. He too joined to fight in the war. The Tenochs soldiers ran as fast as they could to the battle field to fight off their enemies. The war lasting days still went on while the empire of Tenoch almost being covered in blood by the soldiers and citizens. Meztli and her mother received news about Meztli's father who unfortunately was killed in battle by the hands of necrozma. Devastated by this, Meztli wanted revenge against her father's killer so she became a soldier. She trained as hard as she could in order to achieve her goal. Meztli had the idea to form an alliance with two other neighboring tribes to which all agreed. The Triple Alliace was formed and it greatly helped the Tenochs giving them a winning chance to defeat necrozma's army.
The next day, necrozma was informed that Meztli created the alliance in which he was angered and wanted to personally finish her off. Nightfall came, Tlatel soldiers decreased in size meaning that Tenoch would win this war. Meztli vigorously tried to fight off the last remaining soldiers but it was when she stopped and heard a blood curdling scream from the pyramid. She ran at the speed of light and saw what was the most heart breaking moment. Necrozma killed her mother.
Meztli fell on her knees feeling the anger rushing through her veins and tears trailing down her cheeks she began to evolve into her final form, a lunala. Her evolving caused a full moon to appear and all of a sudden a third eye appeared on her forehead while she radiated a glowing light blue light. It was her Full Moon Phase. Necrozma blinded by the light was unable to properly spar with the lunala which gave Meztli an opportunity to defeat him once and for all. She had so much power she was able to summon the "magical hole" she spent so much time researching. Using her ultimate attack, moongeist beam, she aimed at necrozma causing him to get near the hole thus sucking him in and disappearing. The hole was no longer in sight. Meztli changed back into her normal appearance and claimed her empire victors.
She was given the title as ruler due to her parents being killed and spent months helping to rebuild her empire. Along came a brilliant mind, a noivern, who would provide engineering innovations, the sophisticated architecture and infrastructure that made the Tenoch thrive, transforming it from a nomad tribe into a new and powerful empire.
Meztli wanted to see if other worlds did in fact exist by using the "gate between worlds" which was the proper name for the "magical holes" in the sky. She planned a ceremony for the noivern to become the new ruler of Tenoch. Meztli had the power to make day into night not wanting to waste time until nightfall came. She made the moon go full causing her to go into her Full Moon Phase which made her third eye appear allowing her to summon the gate between worlds.
In the matter of minutes, Meztli was sent into the Diamond Kingdom in the city of Eureka. To her satisfaction it was night and the streets were silent but where would she stay for the night she thought to herself. She looked around at the strange city until she heard a voice of an elderly woman, a raichu, telling her if she was lost. Meztli told her she was trying to find a place to spend the night which the raichu gladly offered Meztli to stay at her place for as long as she needed too.
Meztli days in the wealthy kingdom would eventually make her get looks by many people due to her foreign appearance especially to the current solgaleo king...

  Meztli is a very skilled in the arts of magic.

  Her knowledge is astronomy surpasses all of the astronomers in the Diamond Kingdom

   She speaks nahuatl, the language of Tenoch but learned English and reading Egyptian hieroglyphics upon meeting Sekhmet.

   She tends to have trouble sleeping at night due to her being more active at night. Nocturnal creature


NecroCC Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2018
mostrando sus habilidades de pokemon legendario, se ve increíble nn
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