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FIrst of all: -Noone gets paid for his job, we ALL do it volunteerly and unpaid So we are going to create a new Fantasy MMORPG called "Spirit of Eternity" What we need is: -Artwork creators (some) -1-2 Font designer -1 Logo creator -3d designers (some) want to see, what SoE is? look this two test videos: http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?http://tinyurl.com/cwxyxl## http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EoiupplY7Y&feature=related# Our Mainpage: http://main.spirit-of-eternity.eu/
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============================== ENGLISH: ============================== We are a team from about 40 to 50 volunteerly creative wokers. We are working on a huge project, to program, design and write our own Game. The game will be for PC only and only available in Multi Massive Online Mode (its an MMOroleplaygame). The story is based on basic fantasy (dwarfes, centaurs, humans, elves, etc). We got a very huge Storyline until now (its LOT of work to make each NSC/NPC a string of the huge "rug" of storyline) We dont accept Storywriters or programmers of other languages, cuz it would be toooo much work to translate all the stories (translate 60
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Hallo~ ^_^
Euer MMO sieht gut aus! *O*
Wenn ihr noch ein wenig Hilfe braucht ich würde gerne mitmachen, da ich nächstes Jahr sowieso Game Art studieren werde und ein wenig Erfahrung ja nicht schaden kann. Allerdings habe ich nicht soo viel Zeit aber für was kleines bin ich gerne da. <3
bitte inner notemal kontaktdetails (instant messenger schicken^^)
If you only need sketches, maybe I could draw them in my freetime, without rush...
But anyway, could you give me all the details of this project?
can you give me you icq or msn? its easier to explain
It's on my devious info.
Hello back, I responded to your comment but didn't know if you got it because I just replied on my page so, I would be interested and would like to know more about what you might be looking for exactly. If it is just a few character/creature sketches or renders, I probably can swing it. The video looks great and seems like you already have plenty there. Keep it up. Get back to me.