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I'm a third year student at the Ringling College of Art and Design, majoring in Computer Animation. After I graduate I'm hoping to get a job at some major studio like Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks or even Sony. In my free time I like playing video games (Pokemon and Okami mostly), coming up with story ideas, camping, and making cosplays. And more recently Dungeons and Dragons.

If you wanna make me happy, take me to Steak and Shake and get me a mint oreo milkshake. =D
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.:NEWS:. EDIT: asdjhsakfhakfa someone submitted a question but I can't tell if it's for me or one of my characters. D: If you submit something, ask the character specifically, like "Hey Riley" or "Yo Maddy" or something because I can't tell otherwise fffffff.  And it's good to hear that people are still interested! I hope the story can live up to expectations. ;_; Anyone out there still interested in Dragon's Eye? I don't have any new story material for you guys, but if anyone's interested the cast is willing to answer a few questions!  Got a question concerning a certain character? Favorite food, hobbies, past lovers, etc? Pretty much anyt
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.:NEWS:. I have a tumblr now!  After rolling the notion around for a while I decided to give this fancy schmancy thing a try.  Right now there's only like two of my own posts on it, but I'm planning on posting some little animations and sketchy type things on there as well in the future.  Also, if you have a tumblr, give me the link! :D ----> Also, there's this program called TVPaint that I've recently discovered and REALLY want.  I download the trial version and HOLY CRAP it's amazing. Cool brushes and stuff that look like real media.  I was able to crank out a walk cycle in no time cause sketching is so ea
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Do you know perfectly well with German and English texts translations?

Please read the whole thing  where will you go if you
were to die
heaven or hell? if it's heaven why do you
believe you would go to heaven , if you say that
because you are a good person
then that is not right
we have all sinned and
are going to hell because of it
and we can not do anything about it that's the bad
news. the good news is even though we can't do
anything about it, but the Lord God did something
about it the Lord God sent his son the Lord Jesus to die on the
for our sins and for the penalty of sin which is
death and after three days being dead the Lord God
raised him up from the dead and if you repent towards
God and put faith in his Son you
shall be saved.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.

Also, you must confess with your mouth, that Jesus
Christ is Lord
and believe in your heart that God raised, him from
the dead.
> . < where are you ?
I wonder what this person is doing now.
i really want to see them make fursuits
Welp, this is one dead artist...
Still after all these years i wonder were you have went.
I just hope you are alright and one day to come back
You have some very nice art here!