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Volk The Huntress Mark II

And here it is! my improved Steampunk costume

Unfortunately i couldn't take a more detailed photo due to me not having my tripod at the event itself, and being so exhausted in the evening that after spending about 30 minutes trying to find my tripod i pretty much gave up and went straight to bed :B

And, unfortunately the photo is grainy and blurry since i forgot to get the correct lense for it, because i'm a knob and the light was fading very quickly TT_TT I may try to take better photos if i find my tripod, fix my broken camera lense, and have the energy to curl my hair again

Photos of my Steampunk Dragon will follow! He went down so so well at the London MCM Expo, it was fantastic

Close-ups and more details of my gun and dragon: (and old costume with better photo. Can you spot the differences? :dummy:)

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Oct 30, 2010, 5:29:01 PM
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Beautiful picture, great costume lots of detail, amazing props, gorgeous model.  all around great job!
BreathOfDisrepair's avatar
This looks great. Love the gun.
Spirit-Candy's avatar
Drahakon's avatar
Still love your costume! ^^
Spirit-Candy's avatar
And i still appreciate your comment just as much as before! Thanks so much =)
Hellwolve's avatar
Hmmm. Think I kinda liked the bare arms ;) Other than that, lovely once more :D
Spirit-Candy's avatar
Really? I'll keep that in mind for next time =) Thanks so much once again!
Hellwolve's avatar
Yes, really :) Else I wouldn't say it ;)
You're welcome :)
Spirit-Candy's avatar
aha, good point =)
Hellwolve's avatar
Ofcourse, ofcourse ;)
Corey-067's avatar
That looks great! In this case, i'd say that the graininess actually adds to the effect of the picture, rather than taking it away. :)
Spirit-Candy's avatar
You think so? That's good to hear =) I'll leave it as it is then, many thanks!
Corey-067's avatar
I do indeed. :) And no worries.
Nya99's avatar
I like how the picture turned out just as it is. Very fun outfit!
Spirit-Candy's avatar
Oh good =) less work for me! Thanks so much
NekoiX2's avatar
Very pretty! Finally someone that does steampunk and not just old western/victorian clothing with goggles added! You look like you walked out of a science fantasy novel
Spirit-Candy's avatar
Haha fantastic! Cor, right out a science fantasy novel, thanks so much i really appreciate that! Aaah yes i know the feeling, i wanted to stand out from 'traditional' steampunk western and victorian clothes + googles, i'm glad it worked! =)
Reilune's avatar
Bitchen costume!
Spirit-Candy's avatar
haha thanks very much!
Reilune's avatar
Most welcome :D
EthemyArt's avatar
Oh wowie :D!! it looks awsome!!
Spirit-Candy's avatar
fantastic! i'm glad you approve! :D the dragon is my favourite part now :meow:
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