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Glaceon repaint

By Spirit-Candy
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(paha, i'm great at backgrounds :dummy:)

Recognise the image? You do? Then i apologise for spamming your inboxes :P

I wasn't happy with my original glaceon image, and after buying new digital painting software i decided to re-try it

Which do you think is better? [link] <--- original

Plus I've had little time recently due to college work :ohnoes:

I'll try my best to get some decent images up soon!
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hehe i love the repaints! :D glaceon looks sp perdt ans shineey!!
plus, i love the way you coloured the eye! :D
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Haha thanks ya! I much prefer it to the original :D
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Clearly this one is better. Even though the shadows are essentially on the same place, this one's match better with the base color, giving off a more realistic feel to it, and also a much softer look (view area surrounding eyes in both deviations, I found it the most distinct difference in shading). The highlights in here are much better as well, though the center one has a sort of diamond-shape on the bottom, perhaps a more oval shape would be a better fit.

Overall, even though improvement is not really much, it certainly is important and clear to any person which artwork is best.
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Thank you so much. I'm glad this one comes off as being more realistic, that's what really bugged me about the previous one, it looked more like some kind of odd sculpture.
You mean the center highlight of it's ice...head...thingys? I'll correct that =)

Even if it's only a small improvement, i'm still happy it's better and happy that it's noticeable. Thanks again for the constrictive comment! I really appreciate it :dummy:
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No problem ^^

And yes, I mean the center highlight of the ice...head...thingys:p
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Haha awesome, i'll get to correcting it ^^
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I like this one better. :3
Ish shinier. 8D lol
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Haha shiny is gooooood :meow:
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