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A little information about the group.
One: Each person has their own spirit beast (or spirit animal) that guides, represents and especially, protects them.

Two: These Senshi are NOT royals of celestial birth but Earth-born humans with a greater connection to nature. They are priests and priestesses, from all over the world, who can communicate with plants and animals and feel a greater sense of pride and duty to protect the planet and its creatures.

Three: It doesn't even have to be an animal or bird-styled senshi. Plant-styled senshi are welcome too. This idea is based on not only spirit animals, but the idea of the Shinto kami, hundreds of deities who were guardians of forests, mountains, rivers and even homes. Your senshi can have plant powers, but they could have an insect as their spirit beast.

Four: Mythical and mystical creatures are also available to use. Various types of demons or spirits can be used for your Spirit Beast. One mythical beast I am debating on allowing use is the Chimera, since one of the group attacks is called Chimera Fury. The Chimera in mythology is a creature with the characteristics of a lion, snake and goat. And on that note, I'm also debating on allowing a Pegasus senshi, since Sailor Moon canonly has Helios.

The only mythical creature aside from those listed that is NOT available is the Kirin, the Chinese Unicorn. The reason for this is that the Kirin is a 'supreme' deity and the ruler of all animals. Instead, the Kirin appears in the 'Sailor Kirin Attack', the Spirit Beast Senshi equivalent of the Sailor Planet Attack.

For more information, see here spirit-beast-senshi.deviantart…

Five: You can only have '2 HEROES' at this time. That means 2 Senshi or 2 Knights or 1 of each. You are allowed to have multiple villains but please keep in mind that there are certain ideas in process for villains and I would like to keep them in relation to each other. Also, if you wish to make one Senshi evil, that WILL COUNT as one of your two characters.

In case you are not sure where to put your submission, please check here.
:bulletyellow: Single Senshi - Self explainitory. Pictures of an individual Senshi, usually just a solo shot.

:bulletyellow: Couples and Pairs - For pictures of two or more characters. This includes both Senshi and civilians forms.

:bulletyellow: Groups - Pictures with three or more characters go in here.

:bulletyellow: Knights -Male Allies - For any male heroes who are allies of the Sailor Senshi. Knight is the term for a 'male Sailor Soldier' in most SM OC groups. However, males cannot hold the title of Sailor Senshi.

:bulletyellow: Civilian - For any character not in a non-transformed state. This includes both Senshi's normal lives and villain disguises.

:bulletyellow: Alternate Forms - There are very few royals in Spirit Beast Senshi. The majority of SBS in the past were not royals, but rather nobles and 'true' priests and priestesses. This folder is also for Senshi who are not actually human and can show their true forms here.

:bulletyellow: Villains and Evil Senshi - The villains who oppose the Spirit Beast Senshi and any evil alligned Senshi. This includes both evil by choice and evil by means of brainwashing/hypnosis.

:bulletyellow: Reference Sheets - Self-explainitory.

:bulletyellow: Profiles - For written profiles.

:bulletyellow: Items, Weapons, Ect. - Self-explainitory. Submissions of transformantion pens, weapons, brooches, and other such items used by characters.

:bulletyellow: Guardians - For any animal guardians/guides/pets, like Luna or Artemis. This folder also includes small humanoid guardians.

:bulletyellow: Events - For contests, trades, etc.

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The Guardian Senshi of the planet Earth. The Spirit Beast Senshi, empowered by the spirits of Earth's creatures - both good and evil.
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Sep 5, 2013


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This is a poll journal. So if you are interested in seeing the group reopen and back up and going again, please leave a short comment.

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Yes. Tanuki are allowed. Just please remember to join.
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