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Advance Tutorial Act1

By spirapride
Here is the first act of my advance tutorial ...

Already release tutorials:
Basic Toning Tutorial [link]
Advance Toning Tut Act2 [link]
Advance Toning Tut Act3 [link]
Advance Toning Tut Act4 [link]
Advance Toning Tut ActZer0 [link]
Final result:

Enjoy and Look out for the others coming out ^__^
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Awesome, these all sound really helpful! I can't wait to start using them...I have a question though, for an image of this kind of detail, what resolution should I be using?
spirapride's avatar
really depends what is it for. Standard 300dpi/ppi is excellent but for professional prints for commercial use like billboards, posters and art cover can go up from 1000dpi.
So ya 150-300dpi is great.
sunatsubu's avatar
Ahhh ok thanks! I thought it might be 300, but I wanted to make sure...when I first started using Photoshop, I had no idea and was using 600, no wonder it was such a pain to work with! Too much detail DX
ryckterhollow's avatar
what's the name of that dude, is it from an anime series?
Animatedfocks's avatar
Vincent Final Fantasy 7
Animatedfocks's avatar
np. great game btw. If you can find it or use an ISO.
magicboxe's avatar
Thanks for the help, with your tutorial, I've been able to drawing a descent nose and lips! =D
NaruZeldaMaster's avatar
I just skimmed it, but this tut looks really good. I'm definately looking at this when I color my character in my first time.
Tikkiee's avatar
Hey nice tutorial mate!

Tho I was wondering, what brush settings did you use (hardness etc)?
RottingSquidProd's avatar
this is soo good i love your vincent ^.^
Imizukanda's avatar
thanks u so much
Imizukanda's avatar
thanks u so much
This/these tutorials are awesome :D! Thanks for making them :P
Nikya2t's avatar
This would help so much :D !!
SilverAngelFeathers's avatar
So helpful! This is exactly what I'm trying to learn! :D
RoseKoneko's avatar
:3 I had a lot of problems in making a realistic looking lip, this is most helpful. <3 Thank you!
Revix's avatar
Sikal's avatar
hey this is really awesome :D Goes to show that don't need a tablet to create amazing pieces of CG artwork ^^
KatWylder's avatar
I've had a lot of difficulty learnign to paint skin. Your tutorials are very helpful. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make them!
String-of-Blue's avatar
I like your Tutorial. I want to know how to do do things in realism and this is very helpfull. Thank you for making this~I'll try it out soon~
spirapride's avatar
sorry its kinda hard explain it here..but i pick up the skill wen i was doing this so if u practice d same thing ..probably get d same result...hmmm im not sure if i hav time to make a realsim tut at this time..
String-of-Blue's avatar
You don’t have to be sorry. :hug: I understand that it takes some time and won’t be something I can really pick up overnight without a lot of practice. You’ve given me a better bases to practice/go off of and that’s a lot more then some other tutorials have gotten me. No worries you probably have lots of stuff to do and it takes time to set up a tutorial. :heart: I appreciate what you’ve done with the steps on Vincent ~
blackmustang13's avatar
this looks so helpful *3* -fav-
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