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You know what really bugs me?
Anytime something is introduced in a series (TV, Film, Books, Games, etc.) that could have made for an interesting story in the future, but is never brought up again (AKA “They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot”)
One that comes to mind right away for me is Stacy finding out Perry’s secret identity and not having her memory erased (Phineas and Ferb)

Anyone have any other examples?

Originally made this about a year ago and forgot I had it on my computer. My attempt to draw an idea I had where the heroes get zapped in as the crew of the Satellite of Love, with Rippen and Larry getting zapped in as the Mads

A few things:

  • Because of limited arm mobility, it took a bit for Sashi to check the specs
  • I went with the blue jumpsuit for Penn ‘cause I felt that of the hosts, he reminds me of Mike the most
  • I tried giving Crow Boone’s nose size so that it’d be a bit more recognizable
  • While I kept skin tones the same, I figured it’d decided to give Rippen and Larry the same hair colors as Dr. Forrester and TV’s Frank respectively
  • Because I’m not really an artist, I was limited to the colored pencils I had in the house (this also explains the actual quality)


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Still sometime before they start dating, Dipper wants to find a way to help Pacifica get to know some of his other friends better. So he decides to invite her to movie night with him and Wendy. Pacifica’s anxious at first after hearing from Mabel about how Dipper used to have a crush on Wendy, but she accepts. Once they meet up, Pacifica, like Dipper and Wendy, immediately starts getting into making fun of the cheesy movies that play on the Gravity Falls Bargain Movie Showcase. Soon this starts to become a regular thing when all 3 of them get together. Dipper even gets the idea to start recording them riffing on these movies in their free time. They upload the about 1 video every 2 weeks during the summer and holidays.


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