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Gears of War

Sweet Gears of War logo.
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gears of war is one of the best video game franchises ever
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Gears of war hands down the best game to ever exist muiltplayer with your pals live hahahahaha fun times are to be had :p :D
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Gears 4 is acceptable and gears 5 is shit, coalition you almost ruined gears

55john5's avatar
I have a sticker of this on my Xbox 360, since those things get hot af, it kinda fused the the Xbox's casing and is stuck, pic of it on my profile foe those who want to see
omegagodzillax's avatar
Am I the only one who would like a gears of war set during the pendulum wars?
55john5's avatar
Yassssssss that news to exist
TheSi1enc3r's avatar
What a badass Love this series! Amazing colours, you sir have earned my favourite =D
Btw, Since your into GoW, check this out ! perfect for collectors…
Masterofartistics's avatar
Very cool. I'm a fan of gears of war I've played the first 3 games.
RenamonMega's avatar
The gears of War :D
kyliepaige752's avatar
Like, it's cool that you made a wallpaper and all, and I'm sure people would love to use it, but dA would consider this copyright infringement -especially because everything you submit to dA automatically says things like, "©2006-2012 ~SpiralStairs" That's claiming ownership, even when you really don't intend to. I'm sure you could upload it to other sites, no problem, but when people on dA say, 'that's not really art,' that's because this sort of thing isn't really allowed unless you get permission from the owner to use their logo...
TonyKaefer's avatar
Probably the best game series ever!!!
Turtleofshame's avatar
new desktop backround
SandovalHG's avatar
uuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME ENCATA ESTA IMAGEN.
manowan's avatar
it's a wow !!
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