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Hello folks :)

Are you craving for a new desktop or simply a fresh look on yr screen by changing a few things 'cos you do like what you've got there but isn't enough or too much?

Need to discover new stuff about the desktop customization tools?

Then these posts are for you!!

Here are some terrific examples of how you can change your desktop screen and make it look the way you like it.......make no mistakes, with this tolls you can make your screen more you and very efficient to the point where you won't need to move from your desktop anymore and just get anywhere with the click of a button.............

Windows Themes

Pure Black Cyan Theme Win10 2004

After Dark Green Minimal Theme Win10 2004

Discord Theme for Windows 10

Simplify 10 Purple Peach WIP 01

MSI Gaming: Special Edition



Gruvy Start Orbs

Papyros Suite


TaskLayer 2.0

VisionZero - Core Release 3

Blackbox Themes

Giger 2020

Bilog 2020 Interim Screenshot

Windowblinds Themes

5 - FIVE

A - Quantum

Rainmeter Suites and Skins

Ronda UI 1.0 for Rainmeter - Beta 1

Arc Cryptonico for Rainmeter 4.0


My Current Desktop 11

The Gemini Suite

Extenda Simplistic

WeatherPlace 1.5

Clocks Token Black


RKS Aevum Aurum

Simplicity--Hi Tech Desktop v 5.0 (Rainmeter)

SOUNDBAR - Customizable Now Playing And Launcher


Alright folks, I do hope you enjoyed this collection and don't forget to give these artists what they deserve!!

Take care,


© 2020 - 2021 spiraloso
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Woe some serious stuff here Chris

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Thanx a million

Now this is so good!! Thanx for what you are doing Chris....this surely takes you a lot of time to get together but i see lots of these artists dont leave a thank you eve though you featured them many times......not fair!

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Yup I agree...........

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Thanks so much for including my themes AND for the inspiration, dear friend!

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My pleasure Pete

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thanks for the feature

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My pleasure :)

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