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I just entered the Cute Monster T-Shirt contest here on Deviantart.  If you wanna vote for it click on the "I'd Wear This" button.
Thanks for you support.  Toby thanks you too.
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Hey... How's it going?
Thanks for the llamas.

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Well, I just want to say that I've just had the longest creative dry spell of my career.  It lasted months.  
I didn't check on my Deviant site hardly at all.  So I just want to say "Thank You" to all the people that faved, featured and posted nice comments on my work.
Hopefully you will see this journal entry.
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Hey Kids.
I've been busy lately in the working world lately and haven't been able to do too much work.  I've really appreciated all the Favs, comments and such in the meantime.  It helps me.  

So now it's that time again for Christmas Cards and I'm making time for a new design! So like the last two years, if you want a card from me, email me your mailing address.  Let me know as soon as you get a chance, because I haven't gone to the printer yet and it will help me decide on how many copies I need.
Take care guys!
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Well, I'm trying to get ready for an art show.  If you're in the Hill Country of Texas during Memorial weekend, there is an art and craft show in Kerrville that I'm attending. I've linked to the show's website on my blog in the events section if you want to know more.  
I've haven't been out in my tent if a couple of years so it should be fun.  I'm still way behind on my print production.  I got a lot of cobwebs to brush off of the shop.  I hope my tent doesn't smell like cat pee.

Oh and by the way.  For the people that have made print requests, you can buy prints through my Etsy shop or directly from me. Go to my website, it has links to my various stores.

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Does anybody know of a Gallery that sells cute cartoon works like mine?  I need some representation cuz I suck as a salesman.  The only galleries I find sell the cartoon work that is twisted and dark.  

By the way I think I may change my style soon.  Making a living at art is hard enough, but people seem to think cartoons are great but they don't want to pay you "fine art" prices.  OK I'm rambling.  Sorry.
Let me know and Thanks.
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Hey Kids, I'm going to send out Christmas Cards again this year and if you want to be on the list email me your mailing address and I'll send you one.  If you were on the list last year and want another one and your address has changed or not let me know as well.  I will not assume you are still there or even interested in my designs any more, so let me know.
Take care everyone.
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My wife has been building me an Etsy store.  So now you can buy without all the bidding and waiting on Ebay.  Its not finished, we hope to have more on there but it worth a look now.
Its at:
Have fun art monkeys!
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Hey there.
I'm getting some custom Christmas Cards printed this year and I want to know if you would like one.
It has a never before seen work by me.  So if you want one please note me your name and address and I will get one out to you.
Merry Christmas!
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Hey Kids,
Just letting you know  that there's been a steady stream of prints for sale on Ebay.  The wife's been busy.  I can never get around to marketing myself.…
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Starting to feel like maybe making some marks again. Good. There may be a shift in my style a bit though.
You can help by sending erotic nude pics of yourself.
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I am in the worst art slump I have ever been in.  
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Hey there,
If any of you have money and would like to give it to me, :D I now have an Ebay store.  There's just a few items on it right now but over the next couple of weeks I hope to be able to really load it up.
Check it out when you get a chance and if you have any suggestions let me know.…
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I can never plan anything or make any kind of proclamations.  The whole web thing tanked for various reasons. Work cranked up and although I'm making some more money its left me tired and uncreative.  (I'm a graphic designer) There are just a few quick illustrations to look at on my personal website if you wanna see something new and I do have a new painting to show you for Valentines day, but thats about it.  So as soon as I shake this creative drought I'm thinking that I will give away some free artwork.  I would make an announcement but since it's still in the planning stage it would go to Hell like mentioned above. So stay tuned.
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Completing and Posting art is going slow.  I'm using my spare time to remodel and to learn how to be a web designer.  I'm a graphic designer now but I want to go into the wonderful world of the internet and say goodbye to print media.  Also I feel I need to do this so I can continue to pay my bills.  (long story).  So bear with me. Hopefully it won't take long for me to morph into a large electronic spider.
Coming soon... T-Shirts.  I put in an order at the printers last week.  There will be 4 designs.  I will post more info on my site when I know more.
I want to Thank Yana for animating my little Sun Avatar.  I think it looks cool.  She's got some interesting work in her gallery as well.  Check her out.
I've been updating my personal website to have a blog format and therefore be more dynamic.  That way my non Deviantart fans can interact with me with comments, kind of like here on Deviantart.  I am also starting a Mailing list there to let folks know of updates.  If you wanna check it out go to:…

I don't know how much exclusive stuff will be there but hey, can you ever get enough of me?

Don't answer that.
OK.  It turns out that Halo 2 was played and about 4 books were read.  Art suffered and feelings were hurt.  
The New Harry Potter, The 5 People You Meet in Heaven, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Tuesdays with Morrie.  

Meanwhile I found out about ATC's or ACEO's.  "Artist Trading Cards" or "Art Card, Editions and Originals" for those of you that don't know.  Being a bit of loner that lives in his own little world it wasn't the trading that was attractive to me it was the size.  2.5" to 3.5".  Since I work small anyway this seemed cool.  I can jot down experiments of subject matter and techniques without dedicating a bunch of time.
I want to Thank everybody who is watching me and let ya'll know that I have some new work coming... but I bought a Xbox and a copy of Halo and during a storm a very large tree fell on my house... So needless to say, I've been a bit busy.  So as soon as I defend the earth against those evil aliens then I'll post some stuff.

Of course there is Halo 2...