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Called To The Same Purpose

The stars look infinitely better if you make it bigger. ;P

This deviation is my submission for the :iconmyst-fanclub: ID contest. :)

I wanted to depict how Myst calls people together to the same purpose.

I always played Myst alongside my best friends, driving ourselves positively mad to all hours of the night attempting to crack puzzles (I wasn't entirely sure we were gonna survive Riven ;) ).

Between that and the fact that I've met some awesome people through the Myst fan base, I always think of Myst as a sort of network that draws people together.

And it draws the coolest people. :XD:
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This is awesome. And kind of hits on how the game echoes real life, too!
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I know what you mean by the network. I've always felt that Myst was a community. I've NEVER played any of the Myst games for the first time by myself. And I've always felt a kinship with those Myst fans, even though I've never met them. :) I love this!
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Thank you! :hug:

I've never played them first-time-through by myself either. I'm not even sure I'd have the perseverance to go through all those tough puzzles on just my brain. :blushes:
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I know...without my siblings (whom I usually played the games with) encouragement and ideas, I probably wouldn't have made it as well. :) Hooray for friends (and siblings in my case) who play with you!
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Wow - beautiful take, I love it! :wow: :+fav:
Congrats on winning, it was really deserved. :nod:
I agree: one of the cool things with the Myst fandom is that it attracts cool people! :) (well, from a Myst Fan's point of view, of course... :giggle:)
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Thanks so much!!! :hug:

Of course we're cool! B-) :rofl:
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Yup. We are.
Look - why don't we all unite and take over the world, someday? :dance:
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We really that. :nod:

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*start making badges* :mwahaha:
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Congrats on the victory!
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Wow. This looks so amazing! I hope you win! I uvs it! X3
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A very powerful piece and a great ID idea. I like it! And you're right. I've also met a lot of great people through the Myst fandom, though nobody as insane as I am about Saavedro yet. XD
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This would serve even better as an ID for ~Book-Of-Strangers !
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I haven't been there before...I'll check it out. :)
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A very emotionally powerful piece!!!

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God, those hands are beautiful! I'm so jealous, ma-ma! :D
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Reminds me of the TwIlIgHt ZoNe....I just :heart: it!!!!
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Hehe! At least it hasn't killed or put anyone in the hospital! :dance:

Thanks! :hug:
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XD XD you are most welcome!!! :hug:
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