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My Little Stormtrooper

"We don't need to see his identification."

G1 pony
Super Sculpey
GW acrylics
Nylon hair

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CJEgglishaw's avatar
I've only just noticed since I'm looking at ref pics of Stormtroopers in detail that you've actually done the hind legs different the same as the actual Stormtroopers have.. you're a legend :)
deuxofspades's avatar
YOU'RE the one who made this! I've seen it around the internet... Awesome, as all of your pony work seems to be.
Centaur71's avatar
Somepony WAS in the pod; the hoofprints go off in this direction...
canius's avatar
I think out of all your "my Little.." series this one is my favorite!
TrampLamps's avatar
So Beautiful. I saw this on Pinterest.
I want one for my desk at work!!
Grerr's avatar
Can I have one, please :D
x-ladylex-o's avatar
I can never get enough of admiring your Star Wars My Little Pony's !!
wario7793's avatar
wow, he's neat looking!
hitte's avatar
coolest horse ever!
Werehorse's avatar
vengeofthestars's avatar
did you sculpt over the pony and bake the entire thing? does the pony not melt?
tk8247's avatar
That is so coll, Would by that in a heart beat.
Yamiko-Akizuki's avatar
OMG! It's amazing!! O_O I love it!
It's a pity is sold!
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leeinlimbo's avatar
I must show this to my sister.
benjaminography's avatar
gaaaaaah!!!! very cool, i think you beat me to it!

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