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My Little Solo in Carbonite

By Spippo
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"He should be quite well protected. If he survived the freezing process, that is."

My Little Pony, mixed media

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I'll be damned!
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that is too amazing!! xD
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this is so amazing!
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This is GENIUS. Awesome work, I just about died laughing. It's impressive and hilarious.
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this one is the best one of your by far. love your whole series!
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Sun Star Wars ponnyt ovat ihan mahtavia, niinkuin kaikki sun työsi, mun on vaa pakko sanoo et sä oot NiIiIn loistava!
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Lämmin kiitos. =)
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lmao - that is sweet
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Looks like Solo got pwnied. Nice work!
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*jaw drops* That... is... BRILLIANT!
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Very creative. I'm curious as to what materials you used for this- is it sculpted?

Great work!

(And I agree with some of the previous comments- Jabba would be an interesting challenge, if even possible.)
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That´s an odd sculpt. Nice work :D
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The best custom collectible ever
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That is SERIOUSLY a really creative idea! I think it could EASILY be shown to both MLP AND Star Wars fans and collectors and get some awesome reviews.

I'm digging that you were abel to make it look just like that scene in the movie, just with a pony Hans Solo instead of a human Hans. Nice! X3

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that is just sooo cool! O.O wow
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This one's awesome! What a great idea!
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This. Is. Fantastic. !!!!. :w00t:
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