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My Little Princess Leia

"You are my only hope."

G1 pony
Super Sculpey
Games Workshop acrylics
Doll hair

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1/125 second
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7 mm
Date Taken
Aug 10, 2008, 1:01:34 PM
© 2008 - 2021 Spippo
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My Little Star Wars, My Little Star Wars
Ah ah ah ah aaaaaaaaahhhhh
I use to wonder what the Force could be.
Until you all shared your Rebellion with me.
Big Death Star.
Blaster Guns.
Han Solo
And Chewie Run.
Swamp Training.
Fighting Vader.
Not an easy feat.
But Ewoks give us victory!!!!!
Yeah My Little Star Wars
Don't you know you are my very best Friends.
WildImagnation's avatar
This looks great! It's totally freakin' awesome :D
FlutterYay56's avatar
Star Wars and ponies! Great combination. She is well done!
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Princess Leah Morgan-a
juliethestrange's avatar
Aquarior's avatar
That turned out really well :clap:
DarthCuddle's avatar
Who could ever resist those eyes? :love:
This is just so cute!
trinity-lea's avatar
oh my... she is gorgeous!!
Candylands's avatar
How does the Pony not melt?
These are Amazing I love your whole collection. I would love to have both the Star Wars and the Batman collections. So very very talented you are.
MLPwny-girl's avatar
The pose is perfect, so simple yet brilliant. Almost makes you wanna look for R2.
Ubermidget's avatar
She looks amazing, such good quality and a fantastic idea! :D
selina's avatar
Do you bake the sculpey ON the ponies? Do you paint the skin before they go in the oven? I don't know how acrylics react to oven temperatures. They don't melt in the oven? That would be a pony catastrophe. Just curious. :)
These are so great!
Spippo's avatar
I bake the Sculpey on the ponie. Paintwork AFTER the oven. :)
I'm so impressed by how smooth the skin looks! My experience with acrylic paints have all ended up lumpy. Do you airbrush them?

Keep up the good work, and I'd love to see you post new work! :D
kaioniCreative's avatar
That is awesome. the pose and the hair haha.
You are one of the best Pony customizers out there! How much did she go for, if that's askable? :O
Maxrunn's avatar
haha that is great!
ShylaBlu's avatar
I love this one- right down to the hair and everything. :)

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that pose is just perfect
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love it, love it, love it!
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