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My Little Jack Skellington

By Spippo
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"I'm a master of fright, and a demon of light, and I'll scare you right out of your pants."

G1 pony
Super Sculpey
GW acrylics
Nylon hair

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This is awesome!! I'm sorry I missed out on it!
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Im in love!! This is amazing! I love Jack.. But not as much as Iron man :/
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OH. MY. GODS. This is simply fantastic! Love everything about this! <3
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No WAY!! I LOVE TNBC!! I would kill for a Jack Skellington MLP!!
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Aww, man, it's already sold....I was gonna see if I could buy it. T-T
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Would you possibly do another one of these? If it was commissioned to you?
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do you sell this and if so how much i wuna bye it for my friend
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I think making Zero would have been a better idea, but this is still really cool
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This is the more realistic version of Jack
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That is, epic. I love it.
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très réussi :D et surtout, original :thumbsup:
J'adore Jack :love:
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C'est tout de suite plus classe que les trucs tous roses kikoo-kawai qu'on voit dans les pubs.
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So creepy, and yet so cute!
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It is cute and frightning at the same time
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That is so awesome!!
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That is insanely awesome my friend. XD
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OMG ITS AMAZIN!!!! T~T . . .is so beautiful. . . i love it
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YAY it's Jack Skellington :3 Love it ^^ (the skull is amaaazing :D)
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