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My Little He-Man

By Spippo
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"I have the power!"

My Little Pony, mixed media

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Even the pony you chose. It's perfect haha.
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OMG!!!! HAHAHA!!!!! :D
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By the power of Greysaddle; I HAVE THE PONY!!!
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He-Man kicks ass, and so do you! GREAT sculpt! All we need now is a Man-at-Arms pony...(if that hasn't already been done)
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So awesome! I love the way you did his hair. Orko is just darling. Is his sword stuck on with magnets?
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The most powerful little pony in the universe!!!
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Sä oot mun sankari! Tää on niin siisti xDDDDDDDD
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that's awesome!
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juasjuasjuas WONDERFULLL!!!!
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Haha that is hilariously good! You have captured He-mans campness so well XD You should do cringer/battlecat and skeletor's cat (can't think what it's called) You are too good at this stuff - make a tutorial pleeeeeeaaase!!! :D
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His name is Panthor!!! =)
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That's it haha how could i forget - it's so obvious! XD
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I was amazed...and then I got to Orko...and laughed so hard! perfect!
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bwwaaahahaha, i love the hair :)
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slightly scary how much that looks like him....awsome job!
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It really shows its a Heman pony, good work!
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Oh that is so adorable :)
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Aww... I want an Orko pony! It's very cute.
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AHAHAHAHA, HIS HAIR!! XD *dies* Fantastic.
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Yeah, his hair was awesome to do! xD
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This is fantastic!! You're very talented!
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While I still do your pony, and I think an amazing job, congratulations!! Your imagination has no limits! The idea you had is very original!

And also looked at your website, and I would like to ask you a commission ... but I would like to know the budget?

I would greatly appreciate! I sent this message in your e-mail.

Thank you very much and I hope your answer!

(sorry for my English)
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