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My Little Cthulhu

Cthulhu F'tagn!

I bet you didn't see this one coming! ;D

G1 Pony
Super Sculpey
GW acrylics

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looks like he has a moustache
It's so beautiful... I must have it! Can I order one of these? Like now. Hahaha
DocFerus's avatar
Just a little bit...BRILLIANT!!
StormRavenmist's avatar
i just may have to marry you
Kitrakaya's avatar
Awesomeness! :D That looks like it took an awful lot of time and work though... :wow:
mywolfpukesrainbowz's avatar
haha! he has mousetache!
NekoMarik's avatar
I hate horses so much, but this is awesome! (If it was real, though...:faint:)
MadFreddy's avatar
Simply amazing!
SailorSun546's avatar
Best thing I have seen all night! The detail is absolutely stunning!
LOLimNyarlathotep's avatar
Pengui's avatar
I desperately want one of these!
MrPowerpuff's avatar
Strange...I didn't go insane looking at Cthulhu in this form

Still it's really well done, the details are crafted masterfully, the job you did with the acrylics is also awesome.

How did you sculp this exactly? what materials did you use? I noticed also you used "GW" Acrylics, i haven't heard of those yet at school
kyrotonia's avatar
what is that?! >_> very interesting, but scary!
Lorikacid's avatar
And to think that I thought that this was a painting. O.O

Awesome! :D
Nillaith's avatar
I'm out of words.
This is too amazing
panictool's avatar
You can not be serious .. ? ..
winglessdreams's avatar
Omg... this is fantastic.
skull-in-sky's avatar
will you make any others to sell?
squirelpower's avatar
GAAAH. How do you pronounce Cthulhu?!?! The insanity confounds me.
Cryptdidical's avatar
Love it! :D Inspirational!!
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