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More pics: My Little Alien

More pics about dear little Alien!
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so awesome...... love your work... xenomorph pony!! w00t!   I has Alien 
Would you be willing to make one to sell?
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This is outrageously FUNtastic! All your creations are great..but this one is my favorite!!! Do you sell these anywhere?
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Thank you so much for the compliments. I sell my art through my official website:
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so adorable! x3
whitetrashlil's avatar
It looks so happy and prancey and deadly!
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my little xenomorph! too cute.
Dreamcatcher-Laura's avatar
Someone call an ambulance 'cause the cuteness is killing me!
As much as I love the scary alien. This one is just too... cute! >w< From the way I'm seeing is it is so happy and prancing around while killing people around.
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I'd love to own a pony like this. It's so awesome. >u<
dagova's avatar
very original!!!
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MY BELOVED XENOMORPH! :heart:________________:heart: :+fav:
Amazing work!
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Great job! I love creepy pony customs :D
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Did you ever sell this one? Or would you mind doing a step by step approach you took for this/tutorial?
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How much for 10 little alien ? the're so cute! I want it all over my computer XD[link]
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lol that's haneous - i want one!
not--my--own's avatar
i found your cthulhu pony a while ago, and showed my lovecraft-obsessed boyfriend, and he flipped. so today we were looking through your ponies and when we saw this one we gasped and freaked out and realized you are our soulmate.
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Haha, I'm so happy to hear that.
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Simply stunning! I've saw this lot of times and finally I wanted to comment, this is my fave from your pony collection ^^
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