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Man there are some great artists in the world, eh? Just wanted to feature some of my favourites:

:iconjericho-designs: - absolutely fabulous work.
Time For Miracles by Jericho-Designs  Shine On by Jericho-Designs

:icondormirreverpeutetre: - such beautiful photography!

Out of the blue by DormirReverPeutEtre  Point of know return by DormirReverPeutEtre  Traveled the world and the silver seas by DormirReverPeutEtre 
Learning to fly (2) by DormirReverPeutEtre 

:icona-wakefield: - gorgeous manips and stock.

<da:thumb id="439587952"/>  <da:thumb id="439712288"/>  <da:thumb id="441688632"/>

:iconthedreambelow: - top class, absolutely beautiful manips. You need to teach me how to manip like this, haha.

Hollow by TheDreamBelow

Paradise by TheDreamBelow  Stand My Ground by TheDreamBelow  Golden Softness by TheDreamBelow

:iconinvisigoth88: - I love everything about your photography - the mood, the concepts, the execution... awesome.

A lonely way by invisigoth88  Let the wind blow by invisigoth88  No escape by invisigoth88 

:iconevery7thheartbeat: - amazing manips!

Exodus by Every7thHeartbeat  It Was Only A Dream by Every7thHeartbeat  The Awakening by Every7thHeartbeat

Just a sample of the awesome artists I have seen. I can't even recall all the names! But you should check these out, they are fantastic.
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Thanks so much for featuring my works, it's an honor Hug