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Spinx MYO #386



Spinxyn MYO Information
please read if you have any questions

SLOT TYPE: Basic + faceless curse (item) + harpip gift (item)

ORIGINAL REF: sta.sh/0rnh2r5eygo

Original Owner: MagicArtThings
Masterlist Artist: MagicArtThings

Originally obtained for: 35 core shards

Transfer Rights:
:bulletgreen: Gift | :bulletgreen: Trade (can only be traded outside of spinxyn / nephfei after its been designed) | :bulletred: Resell


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You may add a curse or gift if you have an appropriate MYO slot and did not originally design your spinx with the curse or gift, or if you have purchased a curse or gift item from the group shops.

To update to a curse or gift, fill out the following form and send it in a note titled 'item use' here:


Link to ML entry:

Type: (type of gift or curse. refer to the gift and curse guides for names)

How it's being updated: (via appropriate MYO or via an item bought from the group)

Updated spinxyn reference with curse or gift: (link to image, credit proper artist. If the curse or gift is being added via item to this MYO slot before the spinx ML image is submitted, just put 'tba' here)