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Remember Me?

Collect the Memories by SpinosKingdom875, visual art

The Origins of a Hedgehog.

Origins by SpinosKingdom875, visual art

Welcome to Smash, Sora!

Welcome, Sora! by SpinosKingdom875, visual art

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My Bio

Welcome to my Kingdom. I've been a fan of Dinosaurs, Movies, and Video Games since the day I was a wee little lad. Mr. Spielberg did an amazing job bringing dinosaurs back to life in modern times.

In case you're wondering about the Female Dinosaurs having makeup, the original idea was from one of the scenes from Jurassic World, Where Hoskins kept calling one of the raptors a boy when she's actually a female. And she nibbled his arm. So that's why the Females wear eyelashes and eye shadow, and the males have chins that are shaped like a beard.

Here, you will find unique drawings of colorful dinosaurs, 3D Renders of Video Game Characters, and 3D Models available for you to use for free, with the help of these two free Open Source softwares, GIMP, and Blender. But be respectful by reading the rules before using the Models I've submitted.

Also, don't repost any of my drawings and Renders without my permission.

Ideas are allowed and I might use them, but Requests will not be accepted. I'll submit what I want to submit. My Kingdom, my Rules.

Anyway, enjoy your stay here in Spino's Kingdom!

Favourite Visual Artist
I don't know.
Favourite Movies
Jurassic Park, Toy Story 2, Twister (1996) Spider-Man (2002) ZooTopia, The Lion King, RoboCop, and many others.
Favourite TV Shows
Ed Edd n Eddy, Arthur, Thomas and Friends, Spongebob Squarepants, House of Mouse, Sonic X, One Piece, and many others.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Crush 40, any Gospel Artists, any Video Game Artist.
Favourite Books
The Railway Series, The berenstain Bears, Dinosaurs Encyclopedias, and many others.
Favourite Games
Sonic Adventure, Super Mario Galaxy, Tekken 3, Soul Calibur, Sly 2: Band of Thieves, GTA: San Andreas, BOTW, and many others.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Not a favorite, but I love every single console I owned.
Tools of the Trade
Blender, Pens, Pencils, Paper, & Gimp.
Other Interests
Food, helping others, cleaning, talking to my Game Consoles, and sleeping. XD
I've thought about what's happening right now, and I've made up my mind. I'm staying right here. Eclipse didn't faze me and neither should this AI crap. I've been on this site for so many years to get rid of my hard work. I understand why people are doing it, but I say you shouldn't throw all of it away because of the mess they had caused. Don't give up just yet, they did make an update and I would suggest reading it. Go to your settings, then the general tab, and find where it says "Add the "noai" flag to all my deviations", that means Noai won't use any of your content in any way shape, or form. Make sure it's already checked, as it should be by default. If not, then click on it and save your settings and that should do it for your current and future content. Now I know this won't change everyone's mind, but I hope it'll catch their attention if they hadn't heard. If you're still leaving than thank you for joining the site. But I still shouldn't go into a tizzy over it now. If not,
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My friends, today is a special day for my family. It is my father's 60th birthday! That's right, the big 60! My father was born on November 30th, 1962, as the youngest member of his family. He had four older brothers and one older sister, who are now deceased. The two uncles I've mentioned before died two years apart, between 2017 and 19. My dad lost his dad in 1985, and his mom, who was my grandmother, in 2001. As for my dad, he's doing perfectly fine after what he went through in the past two years. From ending up at the hospital, with a bad infection in his right leg, he nearly died from blood loss at one point and needed to walk to get his strength back. But despite all of that, God pulled him through his circumstances as he did with my mom, brother, and me during that period. Because of his grace, my father is able to heal. He can walk, he can wear clothes, make meals again, and use his computer, all because of what God has done for us. My dad goes to physical therapy twice
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So, DeviantART as started another uproar with this AI nonsense, and everyone throughout the site is furious as It's causing them to either archive their works, or delete everything while deactivating their accounts and moving to other websites. I don't blame them for being upset though, this was a bad idea from the start. But they did say you can opt out your artworks, although they should've done that in the first place. Sadly, the damage is probably done, now I won't get to view my favorite pictures I've collected over the years again! :( As for me, I haven't decided what i'm gonna do going forward just yet, but I want to know your thoughts on the matter.
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Thank you for the fave!

Thank you so much for faving one of my drawings!

I hope you'll have a nice day!

Happy Halloween 2022 one day in advance!

Xnalara The Mid Autumn Festival Halloween(2022)!

Could I interest you in a Vanilla the rabbit model?

Thank you very much for faving! :glomp: