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Thane in a....prison cell?

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Hello Deviant art! Vacili here and I was hoping we could talk. YOu all know who Thane is right? He's a Drell Assassin, and a very good one at that! SO how'd he end up in prison? I'll certainly tell you:

Thane one day accepted a job to eliminate a corprate leader that happened to be a dummy company that sponsered Cerberus. Martin Sheen-I mean The Illusive Man, didn't like this one bit, but didn't want such a resourceful man such as Thane to go to waste. So he hired a PMC to capture the Drell Assassin and hold him custody while he decides what do with him. Mabye he cna hold him there for Shephard to pick up? He's the Illusive Man, a being of mystery-its up to you on what you think.

There also is conversation going on between the two Turians on the outside of the cell, it starts from right to left:

T-merc 1:"So who is that guy anyways?"

T-merc 2: "You haven't heard of Thane Krios-one of the deadliest assassins in the terminus systems!"

T-merc 1: "....never heard of him."

T-merc 2: "He could sneak right behind you, and you;d be dead before you knew he snapped your neck...!"

T-merc 1: *Looks in the cell* "He doesn't look that tough. Judging by all that praying, he looks like a harmless monk or something."

T-merc 2: *Sigh* "All I have to say: watch your back. Anything goes wrong and he escapes, I'd hate to be you."

T-merc 1: "Heh, gee thanks...."

Everything Mass effect belongs to Bioware, the Prison map belongs to valve and the person who made it.

Please comment and enjoy-any questions, just ask!
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What program do you use? Great Picture BTW! :3
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I use Garrysmod to make these secenes.

I'm glad you like it :)
(A fan of Thane I see ;))
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Awesome love. Just awesome. But I think that our darling Drell might actually be a bit too good to get caught. Unless he got waylaid by women who wanted to lick him. Just saying...
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Or he could have been outnumbered and outgunned ;)

I'm glad you like it!
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How could I not? It's very nicely done. :)

Outnumbered and outgunned... by women who wanted to lick him. :lmao: