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irritator challengeri

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an irritator lunges at a Anhanguera that came to take a drink. irritator was another Brazilian spinosaurine spinosaurid that could of obtain the same body platform as it's far larger relatives. it's also known for possibly being capable of predating on pterosaurs. being that one of it's teeth were found lodged in the vertebral column of a pterosaur.
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I've imagined this scene but with an ouranosaurus. Great work
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Beautiful. May I ask, how you rendered the texture of the animals, I'm in a bit of a funny situation trying to get it right.
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thanks. this particular drawing was made by just layering different colors of color pencils and various shades of brown. this is a pretty old drawing
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But Irritator's aren't short legged
Dr-XIII's avatar
Blame Bracketing.
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Phylogenetic Bracketing, that is. :P
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irritators legs are not known, therefore, short hindlimbs seen in the spinosaurus reconstruction is still a possibility.
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The femur and some more bones are actually know, but are still undescribed (see here, in this amazing reconstruction by Felipe Elias: felipe-elias-portfolio.blogspo…), and looks like Irritator/Angaturama wasn't short legged. But I don't think that this detail interferes too much on your illustration, the water can just be a bit deeper there. Also, the artwork is very good, it is always nice to see a drawing based on the Irritator - pterosaur interaction :)
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Thanks so much for The link & The answer ! :D

So sorry for The terribly late reply !
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You are right. 

A Possiblity; İndeed; but even after I see Penguins & Small legged Avians , Even Webbed Atlantic puffin walks and/or raise up's And Crocodile do run on land; Bipedal More Amphibious (Switching between land and water) is way more Possible 
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i was never implying spinosaurines couldn't walk bipedal. matter of fact, they most definitely did. what you described is the required adaptions of an animal that is suited to semi- aquatic life. which is indeed what this picture illustrates.
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That was I like about the Picture ! İsn't show the so called newer 'legs' ! :D

Do you see NazarGeographic Version of it ? :(

(Its kinda paradox, because nazar himself said there is a possiblity that animal can't dive)
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I am sure it can predate more than Pterosaurs !
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Nice job! But, teeth of a predator in a specimen could also just mean he found a dead one and ate that or am I wrong?
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I heard that. İts probably true; spinosauroids do eat many sourche of meat
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as it is impossible to go back in time and see for ourselves, that is also a very likely scenario. but unlike the baryonyx who had iguanadon remains found in it's gut, it is even more likely that irritator would of killed this pterosaur just because it is well into it's capability. although not 100% sure, either example shows that spinosaurs were still rather generalist in diet and not straight up piscivores.
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Of course, there could have been incidents with Pteros drinking and the Irritator was sitting in the water like a croc and ambushed it. Depends on what kind of Ptero it was that had Irritator teeth, the bigger ones probably could not escape a lunging dino as fast as modern birds could.
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Nice, didn't know their sail could be the same as that of Spinosaurus. Always thought we knew what the shape of its sail was.
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well, it is hypothetical. but due to the overall close relations between irritator and other spinosaurs, it would be likely it retained a similar dorsal structure. at least in my mind
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nice paleo art
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He looks like Spinosaurus awesome :clap:
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