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built like a Sherman tank

a quick anatomy sketch for the #utahraptorweek  and the new skeletal released by :iconscotthartman:

man, i was not ready for this. i knew that utahraptor was going to be bulky, but man, this thing was a real bear hawk. i decided to make one depiction without the plumage just so everyone can see the animals natural bulk
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Awesome, i like how you can appreciate the overall anatomy of this specimen! Great job :clap:
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I'm sure that you got so much dinosaur study that eventually you already know how every part behaves, whenever it is 2d or 3d! :D
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It really is a Sherman tank. Still can't wrap my head around just how weird it is. Great drawing!
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It's an eagle.
But the size of a polar bear.
But it is insanely robust and overbuilt.
With slicing teeth and sickle claws.


Utahraptor: what you get if you throw in a Haast's eagle, a sabretoothed cat, a wolverine, a cassowary, and a polar bear into the genetic splicer.
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bear hawk isnt too bad of a description but i cant be the only one seeing the parallel between this and the saber tooth cat both come from normally quite lithe and gracile species and seem like they were built for wrestling down big prey and delivering a swift killing blow to the throat with there weapon of choice. with the saber tooth those massive fangs and with utahraptor it would be that wicked looking claw driven by those powerful legs. a kick from those legs armed with that massive claw would be more than enough to put any dinosaur it would prey on out of commission.
This was what I actually said.
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This thing is super weird!
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it was truly a very unique theropod. it just the polar opposite on how the majority of people often think of dromaeosaurids to be.
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This thing is not only the bear or Smilodon of dromaeosaurs, but it also looks to have a bigger head than normal for its family, and apparently even more blade-like finger claws than those of its kin (like Deinonychus). To top it all off, it's the biggest dromaeosaurid that we know of.

Have mercy.
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it's pretty much a dromaeosaurid thats trying to be a carnosaur. really, this thing had the perfect musculature and build to be suited to big game hunting.
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That's a huge ass head
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Holy shit that's actually a huge animal
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looks like it could break a tree with it's skull :D
do you plan on making one WITH plumage?
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the animal can probably kick one down as well.

yes, i do plan on creating a feathered version
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this is what happens when you fuse chickens and polar bears, dam nature you scary :o

neat, i look forward to seeing it :D
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Nice! Scott's skeletal is very nice. Where are the feathers?
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thank you

i explained why i omitted feathers in the description
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Oh, I missed that. Sorry
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really though. this thing looks like a plucked chicken  it's quite obvious the illustrait is meant to show what lies beneath the layer of feathers and not a "reptilian" version of utahraptor.
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