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Trike WIP 6 by spinosaurus1 Trike WIP 6 :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 39 1 ceratosaurus progress by spinosaurus1 ceratosaurus progress :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 58 39 ceratosaurus zbrush by spinosaurus1 ceratosaurus zbrush :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 79 11 Trike WIP 5 by spinosaurus1 Trike WIP 5 :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 32 1 Trike WIP 4 by spinosaurus1 Trike WIP 4 :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 23 1 Trike WIP 3 by spinosaurus1 Trike WIP 3 :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 28 2 20190120 183912 by spinosaurus1 20190120 183912 :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 42 2 1548027519069 by spinosaurus1 1548027519069 :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 30 4 trike wip 2 by spinosaurus1 trike wip 2 :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 27 2 trike wip by spinosaurus1 trike wip :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 28 8 Giganotosaurus wip by spinosaurus1 Giganotosaurus wip :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 61 8 The one who truly wiped out the dinosaurs by spinosaurus1 The one who truly wiped out the dinosaurs :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 107 28 squaring up by spinosaurus1 squaring up :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 71 7 the mighty pharaoh by spinosaurus1 the mighty pharaoh :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 198 18 revamped ameiva cage by spinosaurus1 revamped ameiva cage :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 25 2 Parasaurolophus walkeri by spinosaurus1 Parasaurolophus walkeri :iconspinosaurus1:spinosaurus1 174 13


Carcharodontosaurus saharicus skeletals by SpinoInWonderland Carcharodontosaurus saharicus skeletals :iconspinoinwonderland:SpinoInWonderland 85 23 Tyrannodance by Ahrkeath Tyrannodance :iconahrkeath:Ahrkeath 214 42 Deinonychus bust by Book-Rat Deinonychus bust :iconbook-rat:Book-Rat 94 9 Dragon art doll head sculpt by hikigane Dragon art doll head sculpt :iconhikigane:hikigane 72 8 LIFE SIZED Pegomastax dinosaur art doll by hikigane LIFE SIZED Pegomastax dinosaur art doll :iconhikigane:hikigane 51 3 Brontosaurus excelsus Skeletal by bricksmashtv Brontosaurus excelsus Skeletal :iconbricksmashtv:bricksmashtv 59 10 Argentinosaurus huinculensis Chart by bricksmashtv Argentinosaurus huinculensis Chart :iconbricksmashtv:bricksmashtv 71 21 Monstermarch day 1-2-3 by Tapwing Monstermarch day 1-2-3 :icontapwing:Tapwing 594 17 Seismosaurus hallorum Type Skeletal by bricksmashtv Seismosaurus hallorum Type Skeletal :iconbricksmashtv:bricksmashtv 53 29 Brachiosaurus altithorax Rigorous Skeletal by bricksmashtv Brachiosaurus altithorax Rigorous Skeletal :iconbricksmashtv:bricksmashtv 74 7 Convolosaurus marri Skeletal by bricksmashtv Convolosaurus marri Skeletal :iconbricksmashtv:bricksmashtv 61 5 Trike by Adamsaurus02 Trike :iconadamsaurus02:Adamsaurus02 99 3 Speculation with diplodocid dermal spines by randomdinos Speculation with diplodocid dermal spines :iconrandomdinos:randomdinos 110 7 Recomposite by GetAwayTrike Recomposite :icongetawaytrike:GetAwayTrike 45 4 Collab:Drachenfeuer by DemonML Collab:Drachenfeuer :icondemonml:DemonML 1,808 57 Lythronax argestes by Teratophoneus Lythronax argestes :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 212 8


Trike WIP 6
Some progress on the painting. Still a few more layers to go
ceratosaurus progress
heres a full body pic of cerato thus far. getting nice and wrinkly. need to do a bit more touch ups to the legs as i'm still not satisfied with them before finishing the wrinkles and adding the scales
ceratosaurus zbrush
being made for a personal project of me and a few other people. heres the progress on Ceratosaurus detisculactus
i've been taged by :icontoarcian:

and thus, i would answer his questions like the pure, honest, and trustworthy human being i am

1: Hyped for anything?
whoop whoop! saurian baby!

2: Favourite bird?
tough to say. either the steller's sea eagle, greater roadrunner, or shoebill stork

3: Favourite song/soundtrack atm?
perhaps breaking benjerman. i really enjoyd their agony album

4: Cold or hot?

5: Favourite colour?

6: If you could have any animal as a pet, wich one would it be?
argintine black and white tegu, caiman lizard, and a land mullet

7: De-extinction, Yay or nay?
yay to an extent 

8: Do you play any games? If so, which?
yep. thus far, i've played the isle, primal carnage exinction, time of dragons, and war thunder

9: Favourite artist?
i have a whole list of favorite artists. too time consuming to say all here at once. but being that i am becoming rather fond of digital art, i'll say that :iconarvalis: and :iconfredthedinosaurman: are among my most favorites. as for sculptures, :iconn1c0l4i: is a good candidate.

10: What animal are you scared of?

12: Got any hobbies?
drawing, sculpting

13: Flora or Fauna?

and now for my questions

1) whats your favorite reptile?

2) whats your preferred medium?

3) Saurischians or ornithischians?

4) what drawing are you most proud of?

5) what drawing are you least proud of?

6)what are your methods in creating your artwork?

7)are you a fan of the gojira films?

8) whats your favorite book?

9) whats your favorite movie?

10) whats your favorite video game?

 :icondinodc98: :iconhublerdon:  :iconfeathernerd:  :iconxstreamchaosofficial:  :iconjonagold2000:

get tagged boyz!
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fredrick alexander
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a paleoartist with a fanatic fascination with all things prehistoric. I love animals in general and I am at most knowledgeable when it comes to birds, reptiles and amphibians.

i'm also a big Godzilla fan. ever since my father shown me Godzilla vs biollante, I was instantly hitched


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