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Rebbachisaurus and Saltriosaurus



Drawings of the dinosaurs Rebbachisaurus garasbae and "Saltriosaurus", from 2013. The Rebbachisaurus was drawn without references(it was drawn quite some time before palaeozoologist uploaded his Rebbachisaurus skeletal) so it may be somewhat inaccurate on some aspects.

Rebbachisaurus was an Early Cretaceous basal diplodocoidean with a tall back, and Saltriosaurus is an undescribed theropod from the Early Jurassic. I imagined it as a giant coelophysid or a similar creature (there aren't much of tetanurans, if any, at the time period Saltriosaurus would have lived in, so I seriously doubt the current tetanuran-esque reconstructions), so I drew it as such.

Not to scale.
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I like these! :D