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Puertasaurus reuili



Puertasaurus reuili - One of the largest dinosaurs known from currently existing remains

Temporal range: Middle Cretaceous, Cenomanian, between ~100-95 Ma

Probable length: Around ~30+ metres?
Probable mass: ~50-100 tonnes?

Etymology: Puerta and Reuil's reptile

Puertasaurus is a genus of longkosaurian sauropodomorph that lived in Middle Cretaceous Patagonia.

Of the four cervical, dorsal and caudal vertebrae discovered, forming the holotype, and only known specimen, MPM 10002, the most impressive is the dorsal(a D2) measuring ~1.06 metres in height, and ~1.68 metres in width as preserved.

It lived in the time when Giganotosaurus already roamed South America. Were there no geographical separators between the two, Giganotosaurus would have faced some real nightmares.

Puertasaurus were enormous creatures, in fact, they are among the largest dinosaurs known from currently available fossil remains. They would have been around the size of average blue whales (between ~90-100 tonnes) based on the largest estimates. Their jaws alone could have crushed a large man.

In the end, even Puertasaurus' size and power turned out to be no match for the Cenomanian-Turonian extinction event.


Based on :iconscotthartman: 's Puertasaurus

UPDATE(4/6/2016): A complete remake.
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