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Cedarosaurus weiskopfae



Cedarosaurus weiskopfae - Not named after trees

Temporal range: Early Cretaceous, Barremian, around ~125-130 Ma

Length: Est. around ~16 metres
Probable mass: Around ~11-13 tonnes?

Etymology: Weiskopf's reptile from the Cedar Mountain Formation

Cedarosaurus weiskopfae is a species of brachiosaurid sauropodomorph which lived in North America. It shows similarities with Brachiosaurus and the English brachiosaur Eucamerotus. It was named after the Cedar Mountain Formation, not the trees. It's species name is in honour of the late Carol Weiskopf, for her work in both the field and the laboratory. It was found with ~7 kilograms or ~2203 cubic centimetres of gastroliths, used to grind up food since saurischians can't chew.

It was featured in the documentary Dinosaur Revolution, where it defeated a pack of Utahraptor to save a baby Cedarosaurus.

Based on :iconpaleo-king: 's Cedarosaurus

UPDATE(9/12/2015): Skin retextured and face redrawn. I also added an inflatable resonating chamber. The nostrils were moved forward in accordance with this diagram. Apparently the nares extended well beyond the nasal fenestrae, and since the nostrils would have been located in the front area of the nares, they were moved accordingly.
Previous version for comparison and contrast

UPDATE(9/21/2016): Softened shading
Previous version

UPDATE(3/20/2017): Completely remade using :iconpaleo-king:'s Cedarosaurus. It turned out that Scott Hartman's Cedarosaurus wasn't a Cedarosaurus at all, but was actually his Giraffatitan (which was basically a rehash of GSP's) with an Abyosaurus head.
Previous version based on ScottHartman 's reconstruction for comparison and contrast.
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Some art tips:
1: I'd change around that shading around things like the legs, it's hard to see where they flow into the body.
2: While I do like smooth animals I think this is a bit too smooth, I'd add some wrinkles around areas like the knee, armpit, base of the neck, thigh, footpads, around the throat, and behind the head. And I do spot those small wrinkles around the ear.
3: Upping the contrast in the shading can do wonders for the plasticity, I recommend darkening the shadows and adding some lighter areas where the light hits the creature most directly.
4: Reflected light is not to be ignored.
5: If you really want plasitcity I'd add some shadows on the ground.