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Brontosaurus yahnahpin



Brontosaurus yahnahpin - Despite its species name, it doesn't really wear a breast necklace, dinosaurs don't even have breasts...

Temporal range: Late Jurassic, Kimmeridgian, around ~154 Ma

Length: Around ~20-21 meters
Probable mass: Around ~20 tonnes

Etymology: Thunder reptile, with a breast necklace

Eobrontosaurus yahnahpin was a species of apatosaurine diplodocoid sauropodomorph that lived in what is now the Morrison Formation in North America. In 2015, Eobrontosaurus was sunk into Brontosaurus.

It was originally described as a species of Apatosaurus, and it's species name was a reference to its sternal ribs that resemble the hair pipes of the Native American Lakota tribe. The genus Eobrontosaurus (meaning "dawn thunder reptile") was erected by Bakker in 1998 when his evaluations found this creature to be a more primitive form.

Requested by :iconsauropodslover:

UPDATE(9/13/2015): Retextured skin and redrawn face
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Why B. yahnahpin ? Why not B. excelsus ?