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Atlasaurus imelakei

Atlasaurus imelakei - a short-necked brachiosaur

Temporal range: Middle Jurassic, Bathonian-Callovian, around ~166 Ma

Length: Est. ~15-17 metres
Probable mass: Around ~20 tonnes

Etymology: Giant reptile from the Atlas [mountains]

Atlasaurus was discovered by Monbaron, Russell & Taquet in 1999. It is known from a nearly complete skeleton found at Wawmda, in the Middle Jurassic (Bathonian-Callovian) Tiougguit Formation, Azilal Province, Tadla-Azilal region, Morocco.

Atlasaurus appears to be closer to Brachiosaurus than to any other known sauropod based on detailed similarities between the vertebral column and limbs. It differs from Brachiosaurus, relative to the estimated length of the dorsal vertebral column, in having a proportionately larger skull, a shorter neck, a longer tail and more elongated limbs.

Based on :iconpaleo-king: 's Atlasaurus skeletal

UPDATE(8/17/2016): A complete remake.
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I like this coloration
ForbiddenParadise64's avatar
Am liking the lack of shrink wrapping in such beasts. A shame most general reconstructions make them skeletons with skin on.
Lorenzo-Franzese's avatar
Nice to see sauropods finally decipted colorful.
Such odd proportions for a sauropod :p
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Very nice, with an interesting colouring. I didn't even know that Atlasaurus and Brachiosaurus were so close to each other. Are any other Dinosaurs from this time and area known?
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Given the potential error bars for their not-well-sampled formations, Afrovenator and Jobaria could count.
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Thank yo very much :)
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Wow cool and how on earth did you make all those scales? Did you use some programme...?
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I made an extra layer, set it to overlay, used pattern stamp tool and painted over the silhouette with the scale texture, and made that layer into a clipping mask.
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Oh cool. What programme was it?
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