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We blur science and sci-fiction.
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Albertosaurus sarcophagus :iconspinoinwonderland:SpinoInWonderland 106 57
Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis by SpinoInWonderland Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis :iconspinoinwonderland:SpinoInWonderland 138 13 Brachytrachelopan mesai by SpinoInWonderland Brachytrachelopan mesai :iconspinoinwonderland:SpinoInWonderland 143 28 Brachytrachelopan mesai skeletal reconstruction by SpinoInWonderland Brachytrachelopan mesai skeletal reconstruction :iconspinoinwonderland:SpinoInWonderland 113 34 Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis by SpinoInWonderland Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis :iconspinoinwonderland:SpinoInWonderland 132 74 Lapparentosaurus madagascariensis by SpinoInWonderland Lapparentosaurus madagascariensis :iconspinoinwonderland:SpinoInWonderland 109 25


Torvosaurus tanneri by Teratophoneus Torvosaurus tanneri :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 229 26
Against LGBT+? You're Against Science.
    I'm sorry, but this needs to be said. Also, two things: One, there might be swearing up ahead because this is a bit of a rant, and two: being LGBT+ is actually a part of science.
    Yes, you heard me right. Being LGBT+ is actually a part of science. More specifically, biology and psychology.
    First, let me start off with breaking down the LGBT+ acronym and what being LGBT+ actually means.
    L= Lesbian (female homosexuals)
    G= Gay (male homosexuals)
    B= Bisexual
    T= Transgender/Transsexual
    And the plus in LGBT+ means that there's more than those four identities. So, as long as you are not straight and/or cisgender, you are actually a member of the LGBT+ group. Yes, that includes:
Asexual womenAsexual menAsexual non-binary peoplePansexual men (like Brendon Urie)Pansexual women (like myself)Pansexual non-binary peopleAndrosexual non-binary people (meaning a non-binary individual attracte
:iconxxmisery-businessxx:xXMisery-BusinessXx 6 14
Diplodocus carnegii Skeletal by bricksmashtv Diplodocus carnegii Skeletal :iconbricksmashtv:bricksmashtv 66 21 Sayaka as a witch(?????) by MukuGC Sayaka as a witch(?????) :iconmukugc:MukuGC 20 0
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SCP-105 by htt1821 SCP-105 :iconhtt1821:htt1821 36 2 Alice 03  by LillielZangeki89 Alice 03 :iconlillielzangeki89:LillielZangeki89 34 5 DrawDinovember Day 18 Diplodocus by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 18 Diplodocus :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 71 5 Thanos Speedsketch by CameronDillon Thanos Speedsketch :iconcamerondillon:CameronDillon 128 15 Not even South Park goes as far as these people by FluffyKyubey42 Not even South Park goes as far as these people :iconfluffykyubey42:FluffyKyubey42 50 50 Regardless of your feelings by KryptikSpook Regardless of your feelings :iconkryptikspook:KryptikSpook 146 0 Brachiosaurus altithorax Chart by bricksmashtv Brachiosaurus altithorax Chart :iconbricksmashtv:bricksmashtv 58 18
Post-truth and the trap of Critical Un-Thinking
I got this idea from a discussion with one of our members on a T. rex ontogeny issue. It turns out I said (or typed) one thing and they understood it to mean something completely else. It was then that I realized that all of us are too often victims of this sort of logical fallacy trap. We read too much into a person's comments and assume they said things they didn't actually say. Of course the exchange was not hostile and I am not going to waste your time casting either of us as a literal victim - that is the exact opposite of the reason we are here as a community. We want victory for true Art, not victimhood. So what I bear mentioning is the realization that we need to break free of such traps and many of us don't even realize we are (or were) in them.
One of the worst of these fallacious traps is the lie of "critical thinking". It has resulted in a reactive herd-mentality for centuries and also plagues both science and art today, perhaps worse than ever before. The very way this con
:iconpaleo-nazis:Paleo-Nazis 7 12
Throwing shade by Batavotyrannus Throwing shade :iconbatavotyrannus:Batavotyrannus 193 35 E.D Cope's Lost Giant: Amphicoelias fragillimus by Paleonerd01 E.D Cope's Lost Giant: Amphicoelias fragillimus :iconpaleonerd01:Paleonerd01 146 24 Lancian pachycephalosaurs by ijreid Lancian pachycephalosaurs :iconijreid:ijreid 66 20


Uncoloured, no shading and background
Lineart with no colouring, shading, or backdrop whatsoever.
Coloured, no shading and background | Uncoloured, shaded, no background
Coloured pieces, but no shading or background, or uncoloured pieces with shading and no background.
Coloured and shaded, no background
Coloured and shaded pieces with no background, similar to the above examples.
Full, uncoloured and unshaded pieces
A full drawing save for colour and shading.
Full, uncoloured and shaded pieces
Full pieces minus colour, but with shading.
Full, coloured and shaded pieces
Full pieces, complete with colours, depth, and backdrops.
Commissions are available!
I'm available for commissions. You may commission art similar to these examples above, and more, see list below.

You can commission any of the following:
  • Landscapes and spacescapes
  • Animal art (preferably palaeofauna :))
  • Original characters (as long as you own the character)
  • Headshots (both humanoid and non-humanoid)
  • Infographics

I won't do these commissions:
  • NSFW and fetish art (not my cup of tea lol, too little interest)
  • Hate art (obvious reasons)
  • Fanart (I will NOT make money off from someone else's intellectual property)
  • Skeletal reconstructions (I only do this on my own volition)

I reserve the right to keep my prices or increase/decrease them.
I have no set dates, but if I haven't done one in over a month or so, notify me.

(this is a placeholder for the commission information, don't mind the 10-point price listed here LOL)


SpinoInWonderland's Profile Picture
I'm just someone who like some things such as prehistoric fauna and anime. My gallery has no theme, I can draw whatever I like.

Note that the "Spino" in SpinoInWonderland does not come from the theropod Spinosaurus. Rather, it comes from the sauropod Spinophorosaurus nigeriensis.

Here's some stamps that describe me and my views. All stamps belong to their respective owners, of course.

Extinction Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Dinos had feathers. by Pristichampsus Seriously WTF by Pristichampsus Evolution Stamp by Kezzi-Rose srsly by Nothofagus-obliqua Creationism is Asinine by alaska-is-a-husky Bible =/= Science Book by XDiaLinnX evolution IS real by propertyofkat No more arguments about this by G-manluver Creation 'science' by Pristichampsus Pseudoscience by Mintaka-TK I understand evolution by G-manluver evolution stamp by Apsaravis Request - I Believe in Aliens by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Stamp by RomyvdHel ''YOU NEED FEMINIZMS BECOZ YOUR OPPRESSED'' by Mintaka-TK Creationism... by Guyverman Punishment should Fit the Crime by i-stamp Stamp: Just a wee bit ageist by 8manderz8 Encouraging Free-Thinking by XDiaLinnX Feathered Dinosaurs by i-stamp Birds Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Deviant Love by Turtlebuzz I'm not normal. I'm me by zaz14ispottermad I support writing English by FragileReveries Complete Sentences stamp by barefootphotos I'm neither Liberal nor Conservative. by MadKingFroggy Anger issues. by obakestamps Discrimination Is Utter Stupidity by MadKingFroggy DA Stamps: I can.. by eleoyasha Anime IS Art Stamp by Sheikah-ness Bloody Anime .:Stamp:. by Monkey-Girl146 Different - proud - Stamp by Bubel-Coyot Just Say NO by Dametora Criticise, Don't Bash by Mintaka-TK Yes, Westaboos Are A Thing by Mintaka-TK Fantards beware by Ishdakitty Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion painful stamp by barefootphotos Asexuality by flying-wolf-32 Sauropodomorphs are dinosaurs - stamp by SpinoInWonderland PC Stamp by PunkNarumi .:Disagreement:. by Mitochondria-Raine Aromantic by flying-wolf-32 NoDiscriminationStamp by EatMyDreams Agnostic by capricordestin I support by XxchantellexX chivalry should stay dead by Dametora Not Free by Dametora

Groups I am a member of:


I want cookies. Give me your cookies!
Hypnose by Mr-Stamp

The highly enigmatic titan of the Morrison, "Amphicoelias fragillimus", has been the subject of much speculation and some debate within palaeontology. A recent reinterpretation has given it a new name, Maarapunisaurus fragillimus, and a position within the ranks of the basal rebbachisaurids, a position which I once argued against in favour of the traditional diplodocid position which has been assumed since Cope's days. Turned out I was probably wrong. Due to the new information, I needed to revise interpretations of the data, and thus a new reconstruction to supersede my old was in order.

See the full story here: thesauropodomorphlair.wordpres…

EDIT: As of December 29, 2018, after a conversation with :iconijreid:, several of the ideas that were originally used to build my current reconstruction didn't hold and a piece of information I wasn't aware of put a wrench in things (Demandasaurus was apparently more derived than I originally though, and Nigersaurus possessed a hyposphene-hypantrum articulation). A remake is once more in order, and the original post was largely stripped and left with only the reconstruction process behind the current restoration to remain as a record. The post will be rewritten and rereleased to accompany the future skeletal remake.

EDIT: As of February 26, 2019, the new skeletal is up and the post updated for it.

Journal History


It's cute that certain people can't read the description and references lists I always include with my skeletal reconstructions.……

Just read the description and references, it isn't rocket science. Still having trouble? I'm not that hard to contact. I'm open for discussions about the skeletals, what's stopping them from bringing the issues they have with my work right to me directly?

(Not to mention that the Maarapunisaurus skeletal has a whole blog post detailing the process behind it, which this person simply refuses to understand.)


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