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We blur science and sci-fiction.
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Post-truth and the trap of Critical Un-Thinking
I got this idea from a discussion with one of our members on a T. rex ontogeny issue. It turns out I said (or typed) one thing and they understood it to mean something completely else. It was then that I realized that all of us are too often victims of this sort of logical fallacy trap. We read too much into a person's comments and assume they said things they didn't actually say. Of course the exchange was not hostile and I am not going to waste your time casting either of us as a literal victim - that is the exact opposite of the reason we are here as a community. We want victory for true Art, not victimhood. So what I bear mentioning is the realization that we need to break free of such traps and many of us don't even realize we are (or were) in them.
One of the worst of these fallacious traps is the lie of "critical thinking". It has resulted in a reactive herd-mentality for centuries and also plagues both science and art today, perhaps worse than ever before. The very way this con
:iconpaleo-nazis:Paleo-Nazis 7 12
Throwing shade by Batavotyrannus Throwing shade :iconbatavotyrannus:Batavotyrannus 145 26 E.D Cope's Lost Giant: Amphicoelias fragillimus by RhysDylan01 E.D Cope's Lost Giant: Amphicoelias fragillimus :iconrhysdylan01:RhysDylan01 141 24 Lancian pachycephalosaurs by ijreid Lancian pachycephalosaurs :iconijreid:ijreid 55 17 Argentinosaurus huinculensis by Teratophoneus Argentinosaurus huinculensis :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 204 18 Plateosaurus engelhardti by theropod1 Plateosaurus engelhardti :icontheropod1:theropod1 12 1 Diplodocus hallorum by Teratophoneus Diplodocus hallorum :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 176 17 Yuuna Shigemura - You remember my dream... by wolfnocturne Yuuna Shigemura - You remember my dream... :iconwolfnocturne:wolfnocturne 20 2
The Asuma Saga
Note: I do not generally enjoy engaging in long and drawn-out arguments online. Not only because they are time-consuming and often boring but because they are, in most cases, completely pointless. As such, the concept of internet "drama" is something I attempt to avoid. Some individuals however, just seem to attract certain reactions, if I am making myself clear. Every once in a while, someone will engage in bad behaviour and it is my belief that bad behaviour should, if the person responsible does not correct it themselves, be pointed out. The individual in question here did not stop with his bad behaviour, but refused to see how it was bad and doubled down on it, making everything worse for themselves and everyone else. After the individual was banned from this site for stealing artwork and harrasing prominent members of the community he has returned six times, ban evading (which is of course also against the rules of the site). 
The last (and only) time I did a journa
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Uncoloured, no shading and background
Lineart with no colouring, shading, or backdrop whatsoever.
Coloured, no shading and background | Uncoloured, shaded, no background
Coloured pieces, but no shading or background, or uncoloured pieces with shading and no background.
Coloured and shaded, no background
Coloured and shaded pieces with no background, similar to the above examples.
Full, uncoloured and unshaded pieces
A full drawing save for colour and shading.
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Full pieces, complete with colours, depth, and backdrops.
Commissions are available!
I'm available for commissions. You may commission art similar to these examples above, and more, see list below.

You can commission any of the following:
  • Landscapes and spacescapes
  • Animal art (preferably palaeofauna :))
  • Original characters (as long as you own the character)
  • Headshots (both humanoid and non-humanoid)
  • Infographics

I won't do these commissions:
  • NSFW and fetish art (not my cup of tea lol, too little interest)
  • Hate art (obvious reasons)
  • Fanart (I will NOT make money off from someone else's intellectual property)
  • Skeletal reconstructions (I only do this on my own volition)

I reserve the right to keep my prices or increase/decrease them.
I have no set dates, but if I haven't done one in over a month or so, notify me.

(this is a placeholder for the commission information, don't mind the 10-point price listed here LOL)



SpinoInWonderland's Profile Picture
I'm just someone who like some things such as prehistoric fauna and anime. My gallery has no theme, I can draw whatever I like.

Note that the "Spino" in SpinoInWonderland does not come from the theropod Spinosaurus. Rather, it comes from the sauropod Spinophorosaurus nigeriensis.

Here's some stamps that describe me and my views. All stamps belong to their respective owners, of course.

Extinction Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Dinos had feathers. by Pristichampsus Seriously WTF by Pristichampsus Evolution Stamp by Kezzi-Rose srsly by Nothofagus-obliqua Creationism is Asinine by alaska-is-a-husky Bible =/= Science Book by XDiaLinnX evolution IS real by propertyofkat No more arguments about this by G-manluver Creation 'science' by Pristichampsus Pseudoscience by Mintaka-TK I understand evolution by G-manluver evolution stamp by Apsaravis Request - I Believe in Aliens by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Stamp by RomyvdHel ''YOU NEED FEMINIZMS BECOZ YOUR OPPRESSED'' by Mintaka-TK Stop whining by Ramen27 Creationism... by Guyverman Punishment should Fit the Crime by i-stamp Stamp: Just a wee bit ageist by 8manderz8 Encouraging Free-Thinking by XDiaLinnX Feathered Dinosaurs by i-stamp Birds Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Deviant Love by Turtlebuzz I'm not normal. I'm me by zaz14ispottermad I support writing English by FragileReveries Complete Sentences stamp by barefootphotos I'm neither Liberal nor Conservative. by TheArtFrog Anger issues. by obakestamps Discrimination Is Utter Stupidity by TheArtFrog DA Stamps: I can.. by eleoyasha Anime IS Art Stamp by Sheikah-ness Bloody Anime .:Stamp:. by Monkey-Girl146 Different - proud - Stamp by Bubel-Coyot Just Say NO by Dametora Criticise, Don't Bash by Mintaka-TK Yes, Westaboos Are A Thing by Mintaka-TK Fantards beware by Ishdakitty Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion painful stamp by barefootphotos Asexuality by flying-wolf-32 no ifs or buts. by axris Sauropodomorphs are dinosaurs - stamp by SpinoInWonderland PC Stamp by PunkNarumi .:Disagreement:. by Mitochondria-Raine Aromantic by flying-wolf-32 NoDiscriminationStamp by EatMyDreams Agnostic by capricordestin I support by XxchantellexX The Truth Can Sometimes Hurt by axris the fuck they ever done for anybody (Request) by axris chivalry should stay dead by Dametora Not Free by Dametora

Groups I am a member of:


I want cookies. Give me your cookies!
Hypnose by Mr-Stamp

A certain person by the name of JPGuchiha, a.k.a. Gavin Myatt, is a rather problematic individual. Some of you may know him as the person who goes around people's depictions of tyrannosaurid theropods and taking every opportunity to ramble about feathers and lips. But there's more than that. His overall character is terrible, and the "palaeopolice" aspect of him is only one of his several problematic traits.

He has severe issues understanding other people's perspectives and viewpoints. He believes he's always right and everyone else is wrong. He thinks that multiple hypotheses cannot be plausible and only the ones he support is valid, that there's only one way to interpret evidence.

Now then, I don't really care if you're convinced of featherless and/or lipless tyrannosaurs and we will not be having such discussions here. I'm pretty tolerant to differing views, and what I cannot stand are people acting as if their views are the only correct ones and all others are wrong.

Note that this is not a call to attack this person. You will simply be wasting your time for naught. The purpose of this exposition journal is to show that this person is not a good character by any means. This is also by no means slander, as the terrible character traits exposed for the individual in question are all backed up by evidence, as will be presented below.

I present to you a compilation of his terrible actions:

Now for further elaboration on some of his egregious aspects:

He refuses to actually look into the perspectives and viewpoints of others, instead preferring to insult them. An example can be seen below:

One thing that becomes notable during the tirades that have occurred between him and his dissenters is his huge superiority complex. When he gets into a disagreement with anyone, he attempts to look intimidating by belittling his opponents, calling them "weak", "morons", "losers", and other attempts at derogatory wording simply because they don't agree 100% with him, attempting to make it look as if he has the stronger position and the higher ground in the argument. He appears to be using this tactic in order to look more convincing towards other people. Examples can be seen below:

Whenever he feels his worldview is challenged in any way, he often quickly lashes out on people, as can be seen below:
You can immediately see he lashes out on people for asking an innocent question about his sources.

This was under Paleop's Pectinodon, and the topic was about lips. He immediately lashes out on Waldbeere7 and brings up religion out of the blue.

I gave him some critique on a tyrannosaur drawing and commented that he should draw his own ideas rather than forcing other people to submit to his views. Of course, since it challenges his worldview, he quickly lashed out on me.

When presented with an argument, he has a tendency to dismiss the argument using fallacious tactics and instead preferring to throw insults around:

JPGuchiha possesses a strong, irrational hatred of internet anonymity, demanding people to give them their real names, lest he call them "cowards", "losers", etc.

He also thinks that people's icons are a valid way to judge and hate them to the point where he wants to send them to the vacuum of space (and kill them in the process):

He's not above using racist slurs when he gets into disputes with other people and tries to justify them, and in doing so apparently lacks the concept of proportionate responses:

A racist slur and "awesomebro" are not remotely on the same level - calling someone an "awesomebro" criticises conscious decisions that are up to the individual, while racist slurs such as "cracker" in this context insults someone simply for what skin colour they happen to be born with (in this case, white) and have no control over.

JPGuchiha's not above threatening to hunt down and physically attack people over disagreements on the internet:

He claims that anyone who isn't an outright hateful antitheist is "weak":

Apparently, in his limited mind, being apathetic rather than hateful for someone's religion as long as they cause no negative effects means I'm defending religion. He clearly lacks any form of lateral thinking:

He also has a penchant of lying about his disputes with his dissenters, making himself out to be a victim:

He claims that open-minded atheists aren't atheists:

Attacking and undermining palaeontologist Mark Witton's credibility, insinuating that he isn't a real expert simply since he doesn't agree with JPGuchiha's close-minded views:

If you are religious in ANY way, he goes out to insult and belittle you simply for being religious, no matter how moderate you may be:

He resorts to generalising all religious people using the extremists/fundamentalists and attempting to guilt-trip people:

He's a confirmed stalker, as admitted by himself:
In the same screenshot, the egregious character traits already covered above are also clearly visible.

It's very clear that this individual is a terrible person who should not be supported or endorsed in any way.

I once attempted to reason with him, look into his perspective and get him to improve himself into a better person, but alas, it was an exercise in futility and ended in failure, all I got was him raging, lashing out, and insulting me. He sees himself as some perfect example of a being and that everyone else has to follow him 100% or he treats them like shit.

There is simply no reasoning with such a terrible and intrasingent character. You can try, but I warn that it would end in failure. I would suggest blocking him like I did, or if it gets especially problematic, report his atrocious behaviour.

Journal History




Apparently, I've been accused of interacting with someone I don't even know, and this apparently means I support their actions and agree with them, just because of an alleged interaction. I've been accused of supporting rape and death threats simply due to a perceived association.

Brain degeneration much? Or does this person even have a brain? I'm not sure.
One of my fellow palaeoenthusiasts, Jona, has recently moved into a new account:
An example of an actual internet National Socialist in all her glory, exposed in this story:
<da:thumb id="716971409"/>

And people called me a Nazi when I have never shown support for National Socialism and it's ideals. Really?


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