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Celestia's Battle Stance

By SpinnyHat
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Psh... her tail and mane doesn't need an outline. They need to flow freely!

Second vector came out pretty well. Some problems here and there (dat crown). Also Pinkie Pie was in the way of her mane on the right!

Next vector I might try to make in Photoshop.
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I used this picture of Princess Celestia for my entry in The Brony Show art challenge: Star Wars Ponies.
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^^ muy good Celestia is so beautiful :D
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Could I use this in a fight artwork with Celestia fighting a villian?
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mind if I use this in a picture? I'm having a hard time finding good vectors...(with credit though!)
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after season 4 finale...i really want to see celestia battle with DBZ style :o
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This is why I tend to avoid her.
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Celestia is not amused. Looks great!
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Awesome work! :thumbsup:

I'm really hoping to see Celestia try to fight Discord at some point in the next episode!
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Thanks for the comment!

It would be awesome to see a battle scene. :D
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You're welcome! I love finding new vectors of Celestia. :)

The show has come pretty far in moving forward from the old MLPs so I don't see why they can't add a neat battle scene between Celestia and Discord.
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