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Our goal as a group is to be a unique place to celebrate art and writing that honours Severus Snape's portrayal as written in the Harry Potter books. There are many groups which show off the Snape of the films; we are looking for a passion for Severus as he appears on the page, and personal interpretations of his character that are still recognizable as fitting his description in the novels.
1. TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL ARTWORKS, any medium, where book-canon Severus is a p

If you need help with the English or have other questions, please send us a note.

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Gallery Folders

Severus by MARiKaArt
Shadowed by ferporcel
Severus Snape by Umino-aka-Morskaya
Famous Snape's hands by Alooockhard
Book Illustrations
Snape's Worst Memory by jin3shi3
Waiting to hear why... by jin3shi3
Severus Snape And The Christmas Cracker Panel 3 by thesilversiren1
Severus Snape And The Christmas Cracker Panel 1 by thesilversiren1
General Snape Art
Severus by Sneakta
A Stroll in the Snow by Dimitriwix
Black, Morning Coffee with a Dash of Potions by Dimitriwix
Severus Snape by PositiveDope
Young Severus
Like a Plant Kept In The Dark by Nemhaine42
Severus and Lily by jin3shi3
Severus Seeking Solace by Dimitriwix
Bummerland by Mothboss
Death Eater
Falling by mopolo95
Belonging at a Great Price by Dimitriwix
Music to Chant Morsmordre To by Mothboss
We Dem Boys by Mothboss
Professor Snape
The Hermit by oixxo
Severus Snape And the Love Potion by thesilversiren1
Christmas Party at Hogwarts by jin3shi3
Snarky Gossip by Dimitriwix
Lily and Patronus
Always by jin3shi3
L pour Lion by mopolo95
Snily by Kitsliss
Before you Leave me Forever by Veronika-Art
Saving Severus by 6urn
The Seventh Stardrop: Winter (In the Greenhouse 3) by 6urn
Wild as the Wind Blows by foxyx
The Seventh Stardrop: Autumn by 6urn
Double-Protected by Love by jin3shi3
King of the Castle by foxyx
Self-Hatred by foxyx
Poisoned by foxyx
Severus Snape by X-LordGreg-X

Mature Content

XII-A-Stopper-to-Death by xuxunette
Snapetober2020: Edge (10) by Pile-of-Trashley
Sepia Stained Severus by Nemhaine42
Let the Bed Bugs Bite by foxyx
Other Related Art
2d80a91d-ee10-4e87-9988-952342a36a68 by ChuChuY14
Proper englishman by LeLazard

Random from Featured

Snape. Walking clothes by Ershebet Snape. Walking clothes :iconershebet:Ershebet 1 0 Unbreakable by GallifreyGrl10 Unbreakable :icongallifreygrl10:GallifreyGrl10 11 6 Almost duel by ildi Almost duel :iconildi:ildi 304 46


We normally accept affiliation requests from fan groups for Severus Snape, groups about Snape pairings, Slytherin-themed groups, and groups about Harry Potter in general. We may accept affiliations from groups about other characters or other Houses at our discretion.


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janach Featured By Owner May 29, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is my favorite club, so I hope someone here can help me.

Why, in this new horrible, disgusting, revolting, updated format, am I getting no artwork sent to me from any of my clubs? Is no one posting art (to *any* of my clubs) because of the COVID crisis? Or do I just not know where to *find* it on my new horrible, disgusting, revolting, updated home page?

If it's the latter (which is certainly more likely), can someone please take the time to explain where and how, on my home page, I can locate the art being posted from the clubs I belong to? I see the little "bell" symbol for notifications, but there are never any pictures there. Please help! I need my Sev pictures!

shyfoxling Featured By Owner May 30, 2020
I am not sure Spinners--End has sent anything out lately, but in general: The notification bell is "feedback" - e.g. comments sent directly to you (you should see the notification for this in there), and it's also where "Correspondence" shows up for things you submit to groups. To find deviations that come from groups, it's in your Watch, but when you go there it defaults to "Deviations", which means from individual deviants. The fact that it says "All Deviants and Groups" is misleading. Click "All" to actually see everything, or "Group Deviations" to see deviations from groups. If you click where it says "All Deviants and Groups", or "Watching X deviants and X groups" if you switch to All view, that is actually a dropdown menu, where you can select one specific deviant or group to filter to.
janach Featured By Owner Edited May 30, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! I'm not quite there yet, but I think I'm getting there. Under "Watching" my page just says "Watching 29 Deviants" and shows icons for all my clubs. It does not give me the menu that lists: "All / Deviations / Group Deviations / Posts / Commissions / Recommendations". It appears that's what I need. Any idea how I get it to appear?

Or is there someone official on the side who is supposed to clear up problems like this? The official "Help" site doesn't take live questions from real people.
shyfoxling Featured By Owner May 31, 2020
Umm... the menu was always there for me so I don't know what to say. I don't see any way to turn it off, for that matter, so I don't think it's like you clicked something by mistake.
You should be able to submit a support ticket at
SamanthaLenore Featured By Owner May 24, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Hello Lovelies! It's been ages since I was on DeviantArt, and I'm super happy to see this group is still up and running.
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