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The Binding of Isaac

Sad, depressing, utterly horrific story told in a cute, funny way. "The Binding of Isaac" is a work of genius.
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Well, that looks fucking creepy. Good job.
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Im god this is too good!
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This is literally the best Fan art of ANYTHING I've seen EVER.

You got everything so accurately, and mimiced the cute style, warping it into creepy and disturbing, which is appropriate.

Don't even get me started on everything else. This is a 10/10 piece.
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In a world where everyone is a ZOMBIE!
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Straight up amazing
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If binding of isaac ever gets a playstation 5 version, you should do the art mate. @_@
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Get off the kool-aid, fool.
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I am delighted! Fantastic work!
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man this is so fucking cool!
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most epic artwork i've seen on isaac, and as a fan i've checked a damn tons
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This is why tboi is not 3d
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