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February 22, 2012
Featured by alexandrasalas
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By SpineBender
Korgoth of Barbaria fan art!

I honestly can't understand why this show never got further than the pilot. If you aren't familiar with Korgoth you should immediately check it out on you tube. The cartoon is insanely good and super awesome.

I want more Korgoth! NOW!!!

*Thanks for the DD guys and thanks for all the comments and faves!
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Sadly, the real reason for Korgoth's cancellation was that he lost his long, slow battle with intestinal parasites. They say he wasn't much of a man left by the time he died. His last wench was able to carry him to his grave, and after she buried him he was unable to claw his way out and save her from the monster that exploded out of his gut.

Some say he's down there still, holding his breath (and his guts) like a champ. For all eternity.

Btw this is one hell of a pleasure to scrutinize.
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Love the artwork. The reason that this was not advanced any further than it did was simply due to the cost of producing the animation being too high. A shame though, because I really wanted to see more of this show.
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Yeah this show died way too young. Sadly
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they should have made this into a show, the pilot was awesome and hilarious 
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Agreed!  This should be brought back; if not as a series, than an hour special or webcomic.
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Hairy balls of the gods.
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That must be the best line of that type ever.
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Its really sad how they never continued it even after the pilot was a success. I thought it was so freaking awesome and hilarious! >.<
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AWESOME! that pilot is the best cartoon i've seen in long time
"A man of a barbaric age, who's merciless savagery may be the only key to this survival" (enter guitar solo)

Excellent rendition!! Kudos!
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Here is a man who knows how to use a quote. I like that sir. Thanks!
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Your work has been featured here [link]
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This is greates fun art of Corgot I ever see!!
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cestitam na DD

Zvanicna izjava je bila da je Korgoth previshe awesome da bi nastavili da ga prave za nas i prestali su da ga prave jer fanovi ne mogu da podnesu toliko kolicine awesomeness-a.....or so they say...
no pusti budale, ovo je do jaja :D
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Pazi, verovatno su u pravu. Ne valja bacati bisere pred svinje. :D

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Cestitam na DD, ovaj rad je predstavljen u blogu: [link] grupe:
Svaka cast! ;)
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Hvala! Video sam taj clanak. Super ideja!
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They really should start a big franchise on him
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omg, just watched 1 episode just out of curiousity... INSTANT ADDICTION!!! XD

so awesome!
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Yes. It's a real shame that this series never happened.

"I will show you a new spectrum of pain! Like..! A RAINBOW!" :nuu:
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