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The original Cyberdemon from Doom. I remember being so scared of this guy when I was a kid. You do not fuck with the Cyberdemon.
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So this is from the 1993 one, not the shitty remake, right?
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At my child time, I can defeat spider mastermind but I can't defeat Cyberdemon when without BFG.
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Can you say "Nobody Told Me About id" ? :O
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This behemoth was a rude wake-up call to anyone that dared to charge into the Tower of Babel, expecting an easy exit...
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Yes I remember him is very scary and badass like hell. He's more scaring in psx version
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ok,thats abosuletly terrifying 
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Well... I wouldn't want to meet that.

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i can see in his eyes what they try to telling: TIME TO DIE SCUMS
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... He stomp on your face!
Would you mind if I got this tattoo'd on me?
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Of course not! Tattoo away. :D I would love to see how it turns out.
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Doom ! The first game on which I have spent so many hours, and learned IT in optimizing my config through Autoexec.bat and Config.sys. I succeeded to run the game on a 486 DX2 66 with 4 Mb RAM with loaded drivers ! Lot of fun. I turned 50 recently and am IT engineer now... Though I studyed litterature.
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Not even packing 80 pounds of Heavenly Joy can save you from this monstrosity, Nobody told you about Id did they?
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to be honest, when I had Final doom for the psone (first doom I played) I was never scared of the cyberdemon, however I was frightened by the Revenants, Barons, cacodemons, and the pain elementals, because of their disturbing noises and eerie music.
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I was so scared of those when I was a kid! :) This is awesome, so evil.
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So BADASS! Wut? 
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Oh yes... Tower of Babel. First meeting the Cyberdemon, one moment I'll certainly remember!

Very awesome picture! :D
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