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Characters' Beliefs Stamps
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Published: April 22, 2010
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I have a character who's a devout Catholic (he's one of my favorites, actually), and I'm a raging atheist.

I have a character who's the single-handed scum of the earth (by which I mean, a raging paedo), but I will personally punch out anyone who even insinuates that I think or behaves like him.

I have characters that are religious, ones that aren't, ones that are terrible people, ones that have philosophical views, ones that are apathetic, ones that would vote left, right, or middle in the next election. Some will shoot the first person to look at them funny, some are pacifists, and some are in the middle. Some are full-on NietzcheWannabes, and some believe in sunshine and flowers and brightness.

Don't take my characters' views and behavior as my own.

I personally think it's boring when every single character shares the person's religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs, favorite foods, and would all act just like the author.

That, and it's just too damn fun to write villains.
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ZabinoirHobbyist General Artist
Villains are the best, yes.
i have some chars who killed anyone who dared oppose them, including children.
I have even more chars with unfathomable bloodlust.
I have chars who are homosexual, and others who are married to the opposite genders, some will flirt with either gender.

Funny thing is that my chars are way more powerful and brave than me. And I despise romance.
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I have one character who is a complete Feminazi.
I have one character who is an Anarchist.
I have one character who has hostile terrorist beliefs.
I have 2 characters who are supposed to be YouTubers in my original story that deliberately offend certain groups.
Some of my characters are religious, some are atheists.
Some of them have political views.
One has escaped a communist nation.
I have one character from Europe who believes the EU is a good thing. 

And some of my characters want to avoid topics like this as if it's the plague. 

As for me, do I believe these views?
Well just because I wrote some of this doesn't mean I do or don't.
I keep my personal opinions to myself and let my characters explain their views. :D (Big Grin)  
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KatySceneHobbyist Digital Artist
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Automaton-Heart Digital Artist
thank you for making this
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hell-lottieStudent Digital Artist
Remember guys, portrayal DOES NOT automatically equal endorsement!
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Lady-RococoHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm a devout Catholic and have a character who's a raging atheist, so this actually made me chuckle-

But honestly, this stamp makes me so happy. All of my characters are really ... not great people ... and not at all similar, and I'm so happy to see someone who can relate. As long as the author isn't disrespectful to opposing views (though subtly denoucning them is okay as long as it's PEACEFUL and RESPECTFUL and at least in my case, it isn't a major plot point), it's honestly awesome to have a large diversity of characters.

Thank you for making this <33
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MascaraMoradaHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for this stamp!
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flaminqobonesHobbyist General Artist
I have a character that betrays his friends and then murders someone, and then tries to kill his old friends.
Do I want to do that in real life? No.
Is the character a real person? No. 
Am I a bad person for making this character? No.
He's simply a fictional character, and is represented as a villain anyway. 
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horse14tHobbyist Digital Artist
I have an RP partner that, when my character is fighting against his character's beliefs or something he'll try and drop the plot line all together because he thinks that my character not liking it means that I don't like it... when it's actually the opposite... I usually find the plot point highly interesting and I have to tell him that just to keep him from dropping the conflict entirely....

(He does this ALL the time!.. Just drops interesting conflicts because he thinks that I don't like it when he never bothers to ask me if that were the case...)
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horse14tHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh thank you! I'm adding this to my page now!
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perii-drawsHobbyist Digital Artist
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TYSM for making this stamp
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VannjarenHobbyist Digital Artist
THIS RIGHT HERE. :headbang:

Thankyou for making this stamp, and for just existing in general.

Some people don't seem to realise this, and it can be incredibly frustrating when people may then take offense or assume you share the viewpoint of the character in question.

My characters are not Mary-Sues made from my own thoughts who I fantasise through. Those characters exist, but mine are not like this, nor are so many other characters out there. They are individuals in their own right, with their own personalities and thought processes distinct from my own. Many of them I like and agree with, some I like as individuals but am frustrated by some of their outlooks or choices, and others I think are 24-Karat bastards.

If all characters only ever represented, conformed to or agreed with their owners, everything would be ridiculously boring, and there would be no true sources of conflict or struggle. The real world is not like that, and stories lose all credibility when they basically become vehicles for the owner's opinions, and the characters get stripped of their personalities/identities.

Kind of a long :blahblah: comment, but anyway, I totally agree here and this stamp is awesome. <3
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Agreed with this stamp.  I have a few OCs who's beliefs differ greatly from mine.
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Navy-Blue-FalconetHobbyist General Artist
TY for this stamp. :D
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AshWolf-ForeverProfessional General Artist
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SilverFae16Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for doing this! This is something I worry about when it comes to my OCs, because I know I am not my charas  but I know how easily people will take things the wrong way. (For example: I have one definitely confirmed autistic chara, but everyone else doesn't have autism. I have AS myself, so...)
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Lonelyanqelll36Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm an Atheist but most of my OC's are religious,I'm straight but some of my OC's have different sexualities,and I was like searching for this stamp for years :D :D :D
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PoofgirlHobbyist Digital Artist
If people thought I was like all of my favorite characters or my ocs, there would misinterpret me as a huge jerk. More often than not, I hugely dislike my faves and/or ocs' moral code/beliefs. Good stamp.
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BrightAndBoldHobbyist Traditional Artist
same bro. Wicked stamp :3
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TaniTheLynxHobbyist General Artist
This, so much. Some of my characters are absolutely terrible and I wouldn't want to get anywhere close to them IRL if they were real people. Writing about something or having your characters do something horrible does not mean you condone it!
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So true, thanks for making this.
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AberrantWendigoHobbyist General Artist
Finally someone says it here...
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danathekillerHobbyist General Artist
My OC is a killer but I would NEVER kill anyone.
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