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Super dA girl - unabridged
The silent chewing on a pen may not have attracted much attention from most passer-bys. A budding writer sat on a bench reading over her scrawled words. She couldn't figure out what was missing from her idea. It had her main character, the setting, the plot. It lacked something… something to make it exciting, something to get the reader interested.
A war cry broke through her musing and she looked up to see a strange girl with a mask and cape standing in front of her. The strange girl's red T-shirt had two letters on it. A lowercase 'd' and an upper case 'a'. The strange girl darted forward grabbing the writer's pen and holding it up triumphantly.
"Aha, I have thwarted your plan young hero! You will never stop me!" The writer looked at the girl, upgrading her opinion from 'strange girl' to 'crazy girl'. Then it hit her.
"I need a Dramatic Antagonist! Thank you dA girl!" The writer exclaimed, the crazy girl gave a small bow and pranced off. The writer looked back at her notepad rea
:iconspikeygirl:SpikeyGirl 1 1
Super dA girl
A trope of LARPers were wandering around the park piecing together their next escapade. Most of them already had ideas for their characters. A malevolent sorcerer here, a noble knight there. One guy was having trouble deciding and with the noise the group was making he was having trouble thinking.
He separated from the group planning to only take a slight alternative route that would join with the others later. The quiet was calming and he let his mind wander, trying to come up with something new and interesting.
He frowned at what he found blocking his path.
A girl was lying across the pathway, seemingly asleep, next to her was a plastic sword and a sling bag. What seemed to stand out was her green t-shirt, the letters 'dA' on it. His imagination took the sight in front of him as a prompt quickly filling his head with an idea for his character.
"A Dreaming Adventurer, perfect!" the guy exclaimed he jumped over the sleeping girl heading down the path to meet up with the rest of the LAR
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I really don't do this much any more, and by 'this' I mean this journal.

As you can probably expect a lot has happened in the space in between journals.

First of all : I am now a university student, studying Psychology and Criminology. So far it's been interesting, but so has living away from home.
I still don't have much of a social life, the uni is a half hour walk or an unreliable bus ride away so going out every night is out of the question.

I still write and I still draw, it just takes longer than usual.

I went to Collectormania London again, didn't cosplay, again. Wore a bright orange vest top, over a black t-shirt to make it stand out though, got me noticed, also got blisters...

Went to theme park camp again (seemed to be another yearly thing I do) didn't quite have a repeat of last year (probably for the best) Stayed up talking to some guy about the F1 and some of the other motorsports till about 5am.

Uh, what else...
I turned 19 (couldn't really do much about that)
Met some random guys who I now share a uni house with (not as bad as it sounds)
Spent summer doing not a lot (as usual)
Visited my grandparents (happens most summers)
Ranted about a housemate, who is a royal pain in the arse, has more mood swings than a pregnant woman and gets very childish if we don't believe that everything he says is obviously right (he spends most of his time in his room because we're too mean)
Played 'cruel mind games' on this particular housemate (his words not mine, and if he didn't want his shoes to end up in the washing machine they shouldn't have been in the middle of the kitchen, I could list more things but I'd be here all week)

I do have Twitter now - @LastSpikeyGirl and I update it frequently (compared to everything else)


SpikeyGirl's Profile Picture
Rebel of Misfortune
United Kingdom
Anyway, my drawings tend to be a bit technical but I'm working on it. Most of the poses will be similar until I can get any of my foreshortening to look less like amputation. The colouring will improve when I have the time and patience.

Actually about me?
I'm an optimistic pessimist. I know bad things will happen but I'll laugh anyway. I write way to much fanfiction. I'm never what people expect.

And if I give you a llama then I probably looked at something but didn't want to favourite or comment on it. If you get a comment from me then treasure it because I don't comment often.

Current Residence: Surrey, south of England somewhere
Favourite style of art: Sketching (easier to do during lessons)
MP3 player of choice: ha, hilarious, like I acutually have an MP3 player. I use my phone.
Favourite cartoon character: I have to pick?
Personal Quote: Courage is born where fear and faith collide


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