Cthulhu MNC - Mid November 2015 RESULTS

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Well, here we are. Mid November 2015 Cthulhu Mythos Naming Contest has come to an end.

I'm glad much more participants have submitted their own proposal to "christen" the unnamed Great Old One described by William Browning Spencer in the short novel of his "Usurped", an insectoid abomination whose real names has "-toth" suffix as in many other Cthulhu Mythos dark fellows (i.e. Azathoth).

:iconorlyeh: CTHULHU MYTHOS CONTEST RESULTS - Ranks :iconorlyeh:

- 1st Rank :iconmaelstrom51210: with her own Yagggan-Kyototh which sounds close enough to this Mythos entity's alien name. Maelstrom51210 is allowed to ask me a request.

- 2nd Rank :iconmasterofhorr: with his multiple submissions which fit well for other Cthulhu Mythos entities or places. masterofhorr is allowed to ask me a request.

- 3rd Rank :iconrodlox: for his Temmuthoth which is a bit too much reminiscent of Human culture but cannot be discarded. Rodlox too is allowed to ask me a request.

Contest winner may send me a note with their own requests and I'll (be trying to) fulfil them.

That's all. Thank you anyone's been interested to browse Cthlhu Mythos Naming Contest journal entries and stay wired for upcoming new contests.

:fuzzydemon: ;)
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as for mine, I just figured "humans try to say and write things to the best of their abilities, which may not be entirely accurate"...I need to re-find that joke about "sorry, was that rrraugh or yag?"